Jan. 9th, 2016

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So far I've had a wonderful 2016.

... and since tone fails to come off in text, let me note that the previous sentence should be read with VERY heavy sarcasm.

Temperature issues, feeling sick (partly due to the temps and partly due to feeling dehydrated from the space heaters no matter how much I drink), a disastrous plumbing issue (maybe the toilet will work again in another couple days)... and now something I'm 95% sure is a fishing scam involving my bank account. I'll have to make an extra walk all the way to the bank on Monday (lobby closed today and Sunday, of course, gotta admit perfect timing on the letter) to let them know about it, because I am not signing a document claiming I have to 'confirm' my balance and mail it to a post office box in Charleston. There are way too many details that just stink of fishing scheme, including that they have an account balance from my October account statement, but want the paper signed and sent in within seven days? To a company I've never heard of. When my bank has never sent ANYTHING like this before and I've had an account there for about 15 years? And I want to know how an unfamiliar third party has any info on my account balances.

The catch is that I don't know how I'm going to be awake during banking hours on Monday. I got up around noon today and my schedule 'slips' forward about two hours every day. (Non-24-hour sleep–wake disorder, possibly caused by the lack of windows in most of this trailer since I'm not blind... Wiki page is here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-24-hour_sleep%E2%80%93wake_disorder ) I ended up taking a big nap yesterday as it was due to not feeling well, so maybe I should actually hope that happens again...

I really didn't need One More Thing to deal with, and I can almost feel my brain shutting down in protest. (Which, in turn, tends to give me 'writers block', so more RP delays... sorry) Going to have to see what I can put a dent in and maybe try to tire myself out early.


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