Jan. 13th, 2016

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I'm not dead.

Aunt Flo hasn't hit yet.

The toilet still doesn't work (and the lye is still eating its way through the blockage)

I haven't managed to get to the bank because by the time I was awake long enough in the mornings it's become too damned cold to hike all the way down there. I'm still going to have to call them at some point, but they have one of those irritating automated systems and I hang up halfway through because that is just Too Much Bother right now.

Cold temperatures usually (except for that earlier patch of trying to rely on the too-tiny heater) mean keeping things very warm in my room. As in 80-degrees is the target. This is because my room is right next to the bathroom and pipes run through the shared wall. If it gets below freezing, I have to keep my room hot or the water can freeze off. And then we would potentially have no water until they thaw, and I doubt I could afford enough expensive bottled water to avoid dying of thirst (or haul it here!). This puts a hard temp difference between my room and pretty much everywhere else that keeps me feeling sniffly and sick most of the winter.

I received another little form from the County Clerk wanting me to send back a SIGNED card in open mail confirming my address or they'll invalidate my voter's registration (supposedly), so I need to call them too and ask them WHICH of the addresses the screw-up they made starting around the time of the LAST election (ironically?) is the one they want me to put for my 'legal' address... the one they changed the street address to, or the one some of the bills still insist on using (and will bounce payments if we try to change it). They're both the same location... and the screw up was NOT my doing.

And I noticed last night that I have hit a record of TWO WEEKS flaking out on RP responses, so my thought this morning was to do those up first so I'd quit feeling like a millstone and actually have something done...

Only when I get up (at about 8pm, damn erratic schedule), it's for the Evil Overlord to let me know there's new paperwork from the DHHR. They want printouts (well, let's hope I can get a printer to work...) of all of my income and expenses for the past year... apparently the Evil Overlord during one of her phone reviews tried to explain my online surveys as being 'self employed' and now someone is convinced I own a business and am dodging taxes. Either that or I'm a current victim of identity theft for some reason. I don't even know what's gotten into their heads. This all has to be done overnight, because if it's not in their offices by Monday (and we have to mail it because no transportation), they're cutting all of HER stuff off.

So, to summarize... I have PMS, I'm living in a place that currently could be legally condemned (tho the toilet might unclog tomorrow, it made a gurgle last time), it's freezing cold, my room is hot, I feel sick, my Bank might have a security leak/is targeted by a fishing scam/OR I'm actually being audited by an unfamiliar third party (statistically unlikely, but with the rest of this screw-up...), I've got 'writers/RPers' block due to the stress and lack of time, and NOW I'M GETTING F-ING DEATH THREATS!

Yes, I went there! Cutting off our ability to get food and pay the electric in the dead of frigging winter IS a threat to health and safety.

So, let me segue away to tell a little story that, among other things, shows some of my screwed up psychology. Back in grade school when we'd just transitioned from the nifty wide writing paper with the dotted line down the middle to normal lined paper, I was still writing on two lines of it because I missed that middle line. It was so useful for keeping things neat. Anyhow, the teacher told me I needed to write smaller.

I turned in the next assignment, about 50 math problems, on a piece of paper the size of a gum wrapper (or a bit smaller than a post-it note, for modern reference).

If I am told I must do something I find extremely irritating or otherwise detrimental to me, and there is no way out of it, I will do EXACTLY what I am told to the best of my ability and with the greatest attention to detail possible... to the point where I will make the person wish they had never asked.

This is why, in most stories, it is so inadvisable to ask 'fairies' or genies or anything of that sort to grant wishes...

So, I have to go get the printer working, make copies of my bank statements, print out all of my paypal records, AND my Amazon gift card balance records because DHHR decided some time ago that Gift Card Balances count as Cash Income... and then itemize every tiny little line with an explanation of where it came from and where it went... and I have until about 9am to do it... 11 hours. So... Yeah, getting nothing else done again.


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