Feb. 2nd, 2016

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Well, here I am, with a busy day yesterday and a bank day tomorrow unless there's rain or something, so not much time to do anything today either. The beginning of the month tends to be like this.

But, to the point that dragged me out of RL lurking to actually post something... I was watching youtube videos on one side of the screen while trying to do some surveys and the like on the other, and a vid on 10 little known facts about the original Nintendo happened to mention Duck Hunt and the ol' Lightgun zapper. It said that it only works on CRT TVs.

Cue a patch of me being upset (before I saw that someone in the comments claimed that worked fine on their flat TV), because I've had a question for years that I keep intending to solve someday when I have a few straight hours to blow and no annoying interruptions. I want to know what's after level -1 on the skeet shoot.

No, that's not a typo.

On skeet shoot, after level 99, you get a level -1. I was stunned to see it existed, and baffled because the skeet moved extremely slowly. Unfortunately, that shocked delay caused me to lose my chance to see what happened next, as the skeet also VANISHED halfway up the screen. I never got there again, and haven't had the time or space in years to actually hook up the Nintendo and try.

So, I thought, geeze, INTERNET! I'll just google it, right? You can do that these days! Only... I can't find a single mention of it. At all.

I can't have been the only person in the world to see what comes after level 99, right?




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