Feb. 13th, 2016

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This month has been about as good as last month on most fronts. The addition, which I have somewhat mixed feelings about, would be the Evil Overlord winning a box of dolls via online auction and splitting them with me.

In order to earn my half, I have to do any OOAKing work she wants on hers. So, basically, imagine last month only with eyestrain from wearing magnifying eyeglasses. And I never EVER want to try to paint a Baby Krissy's eyes again, EVER.

I'm also certain Aunt Flo is approaching soon, and so I tried to squeeze out time yesterday and get a shower. I don't know if that or tooth problems is why I have an earache today. In addition to the temperature gradients in the trailer, and usual resulting sinus congestion.

The combination has me so wonky that I'm making loads of typos and sometimes have to redo the same word three times trying to get it right.

Oh, one little bit of good news! The fruit that's been growing on one of my little potted citrus trees since last March got ripe and dropped off. It's a lime! ... Now I just need to get her to fix something I can eat with lime before it goes bad. :/ I don't want to waste it, but it's too sour to eat straight.


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