Mar. 9th, 2016

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I wish I knew how to get a restraining order against the DHHR.

I don't want anything from them. I can't walk to anywhere to use food stamps, and if this is because of the medical card they signed me up for, I can't get to a doctor either! I have explained multiple times that I have no transportation. Period. I can't get to anything further away than the Bank and Sheetz.

They keep wanting me to go to a meeting that's miles away. I've been fighting with them over this since the beginning of the year. Well, I'm just going to miss it. I've done everything I can to explain, and they're not listening. If the medical card is because of Obamacare, it's backfiring BADLY here. They need to just keep it, because I can't get to their meetings... and I looked it up... my personal income is below the federal tax filing threshold (Hell, it's below the GLOBAL poverty line!) so I can't be fined for not having insurance under Obamacare.

And thank goodness for that, because I'm going to have to spend the beginning of THIS month arguing with them to CLOSE whatever files they have on me and quit trying to 'help', and it's much better without the worry that I might go to jail when I can't pay the fines for not having insurance that I CAN'T USE. Now I just have to worry that they might try to set some kind of court date if I don't go to their meeting and can't convince them to bugger off, and then have me arrested for failing to attend court (as, of course, I can't get to that EITHER).

It's bad enough that they're trying to make me attend a 'workforce' meeting, apparently meant to help people find work outside the home, when of the three big reasons why I haven't had a job in years, THEY'RE one of them! I've been told that if I make more than $100 in any given month, they'll cut back the Evil Overlord's SSI by roughly $200, thus essentially penalizing us if I tried to work! (The other two reasons are because someone has to stay here most of the time in case she locks up in bed or the bathtub, because letting people pee the bed or drown is not nice even if they are Evil Overlords; and because of the aforementioned lack of transportation! I'm actually TRYING to do something about the latter, looking into saving up for a scooter and if it would be street legal without additional licensing as - of course - I can't GET to the DMV. This would, of course, go a LOT FASTER if I could make more money without being penalized for it!)

Heck, I even have to watch sites that offer sweepstakes, because if I get a gift card for ANYWHERE it counts as income in their books and can screw me over.

I am just so sick of being asked to do the impossible. Even worse, being asked to do the impossible for supposed 'benefits' that I can't use, and don't recall ever asking for.


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