Apr. 3rd, 2016

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I'm going to start trying to actually post to this thing. (We'll see how long that lasts! XD) But I'm going to have to do it while waking up each day so I don't just plain run out of time and go 'eh, too tired and that's not important' and drop it.

Anyhow, I found this neat food tracking site and thought I'd give it a little bit of a try since I wouldn't mind ditching about 5-10 lbs. It was kind of a weird surprise finding out which things my diet is actually too high or too low on, though it doesn't let me track a few concerns like potassium levels without a premium account, and I'll stick to the free version thanks.

That said, I'm actually doing pretty good with it, and have even managed to find a way to get some exercise in this lousy place. There's no floor space in my room, and I couldn't do stuff like jumping jacks or aerobics indoors anyway because of the slowly failing chipboard flooring. (I can't do jumping jacks anyway, because jumping jacks+large boobies=pain). So, I've been going outside and walking up and down the front steps in 5 minute bursts. Surprisingly, this is a pretty good option... though it was awfully chilly yesterday and I'm wondering what to do today if the weather is non-compliant. There are no stairs in this crappy falling-to-pieces trailer, but maybe I could do 'steps' on and off a stepstool (short people here, so need those to reach cabinets). It kind of feels like cheating, tho. I'll have to think about it.

I have the second of the month's Walmart.com orders to make today. Due to the food desert/lack of transportation situation, all of our food here is from one of four sources: Walmart.com; Amazon.com (and we don't have access for Amazon Fresh); the Schwan's delivery truck (the only one that takes food stamps, which means they're no help for the majority of our food budget); and a monthly trip to the Sheetz that is the only thing selling stuff approximating food in my walking distance, but at least means we can get overpriced bread, milk, and eggs once a month.

On the doll front, resorting sewing patterns yet again in the hopes of actually finding time to use them. Also, had a nightmare order from Mattel (I'll probably go into that in detail when I'm in a ranting mood). Still waiting for them to reship one doll they forgot. But in the meantime I've had some OOAKing for the Evil Overlord to do: Fashionistas 22 Chambray Chic into Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds (Done, fairly easy job. Hooray for the new body types and a lot more variations in face), and Fashionistas 19 Ruby Red Floral into Abby from NCIS. That one's still in progress, as I had to change the eye shape (remove some factory paint with dremel) and completely redo the eyes. I got the neck tattoo done yesterday, tho I had to put it completely on the doll's head as otherwise it'd be rubbed right off from being on a joint. If I work on it today, I'll get to the 'fun' part of seeing if any of the body tattoos are going to work on hard vinyl without just rubbing off the first time the doll's handled.

My own collection is undergoing some shelf tidying again, and I'm checking to see what materials I need for what projects. I really need to get a bunch of clear-to-green phototropic pigment at some point (and probably blue and yellow, for mixing tones and such), and clear acrylic carrier medium... As for what I can do with what I've already got, so behind on the sewing it's not funny. I need to plan out some neat 8x8 patterns to share, as that would mean items that can be made from a single Spoonflower swatch.

I'm still trying to consolidate all my old RP timeline attempts into a single offline version for cleanup (in the hopes that actually works). It's slow going, and a lot of the older versions each have gaps in different spots.

Hoping I'll be able to get back to transferring entries over to the better family tree software I found (No, I'm not doing mine. It's for RP purposes.)

Time permitting, I really really need to get back to writing on the next non-nexus scenes. Or start on making some of the new ideas for some earlier stuff, but I really don't want to get too far behind.

I've also got to get a shower sometime today, as I'm going to have to make the monthly bank-and-sheetz trip tomorrow. I should also try to replant my carrot bed (Smokey was hiding/sleeping in it and killed the seedlings. Cats. 9.9). And, of course, there's the online surveys that take up much of my time for the little income I get, and squeezing in DuoLingo and Khan Academy time. No RP to reply to today, so that's one less thing (tho one less FUN thing). Oh, and I think I'm behind on my TV eps again. And there's some attempts at spring cleaning... so off to see how much of this I can get done.


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