Apr. 5th, 2016

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As usual after a Bank/Sheetz day, I didn't get a whole lot done with what was left of it. Though I did decide to switch over to MakeHuman's stable nightly build instead of the stable/official finished version. Had to make some unexpected tweeks to the model I was working on as a result, but it's got better features and more textures. I'll still need to add some of my own along the way.

So, what's up for today? Well, got the usual everyday surveys, OldReader check-in, Dollieh Sanctuary, emails... I'm tempted to go ahead and watch the darn TV shows first before any of them time out on me. It wouldn't be a problem if I had a second screen (or a tablet that could recognize an internet connection when it's less than a foot from the router), but as is, I kind of prefer to take my surveys in fullscreen. I get them done faster that way.

I have to get the Evil Overlord up in an hour. There are supposed to be packages today. It might be a good idea to get to the tattoos on her Abby doll soon, but I'm still honestly not sure the acrylic paint will stick to the hard vinyl body. Still haven't felt like bothering with the carrot bed, partly because I'm not sure if I can eat the darned things any more. (Not because of the diet thing, because of chronic tooth issues.)

I've been moving files around again, trying to get that a little more organized. And of course I'd love to make a dent in the timeline or tree. Playing with MakeHuman is being just a tad too fun to do either of those again just yet, though... so odds are it'll be surveys, rps, videos, and fiddling with that some more. And maybe opening Unity up again and getting a smidge more done there. I still need to put together some kind of modular building system that will work for me. Oh, yes, and I definitely should try to find time to work on the sewing pattern situation a bit... I have a lot of dolls that need more character-appropriate clothing.

... that is, if I can get anything online done. Having an Erratic Internet day. There's also an unfamiliar network showing up on my connection tray. (No, I'm not stupid enough to connect to it.) It's possible the nearby Pilot truck stop or something else nearby has boosted their signal, which always seems to screw with mine. That's one of the reasons I have plans, should I ever managed to build the Bunker, to mix little balls of aluminum foil in the cement used to fill all the concrete blocks used for the outside walls... It'd make using a cellphone in the place impossible, but the internal wireless security would be worth that IMO. Anyhow, it seems to be working now, so surveys first and then maybe videos if it holds up.


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