Apr. 7th, 2016

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Ok, yesterday got to be a busy day. For some reason, the packages did not arrive until very nearly 8pm... and the whole time we're waiting for them I can't really start anything that would be awkward to have to stop suddenly and go carry boxes in, so that had an effect on things.

Also, most of the day some guys from the water company were next to the house with one of those little mini backhoe things, trying to fix where our literally trashy neighbors dumped a broken CRT television in a busted sewer pipe or something. Strangers make me nervous, so I only got one set of walking up and down the stairs for five minutes in, while they were gone.

On the upside, I got all my daily surveys done even tho I had 20 of the darned things. I finally got the carrot bed reseeded. Got a little done on the tree, tho not on the timeline. Moved more files into MakeHuman and made sure I had the credit and licensing info saved regarding each. (Most are CC0, so no worries, but I did want to be sure). Didn't get any TV eps in, and still procrastinating on doll tattoos (tho at least I had a good excuse for the day, as painting is not something you want to drop halfway through and risk dried paint ruining an expensive $6 miniature painting brush)

And now I'm trying to see how much of my usual daily repeating stuff I can get done before noon, so I can spend the time after noon doing a little more on everything else. :)


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