Apr. 9th, 2016

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Woke up a little earlier today due to a sinus headache of the sort that clears up as soon as I'm sitting up.

I'm starting to debate whether I should try to find time to do this before bed or not. The thing is, by the next day, my memories of what I did the previous one get a little fuzzy. I did get my dailies wrapped up... though with some delay. Partly because the Evil Overlord's inversion table arrived. Mostly because I spent the morning distracted with that calorie counting site trying to figure out if it was possible to meet food pyramid guidelines while staying under counts for calories, cholesterol, and all those other things (and getting enough protein and such). Let's just say that's still a work in progress.

I also booted up Unity, and did get a start on buildings... though a little less than I'd have liked as I ended up messing with skyboxes. I also transferred some more files to MakeHuman (and still not done), but the first model there is just about ready - if you discount that I still don't have the skin textures I want to use done, or the ones for eyes, or the hair model and textures, or the clothes. But since all of those would likely be attached to the main mesh in Unity (because I'd like the hairstyles and clothes to be swappable) or could be retextured in it easily, the main mesh is pretty much done. I still want to finish up the other stuff before exporting the model though - or at least the skins and eye textures.

One thing that's holding those up is a long study of all the RL colors involved, and the genetics behind each for later.

Only got one TV ep watched, so there's a bit of backlog there. And I am rapidly running out of HD space (again) so time to do some cleanup.

Oh, yes, and the bathroom scale arrived. I weigh less than I thought (yay!), which is still 134lbs. Given that I'm only 5 ft tall, I'd still like to shed a little of that (tho I doubt I can get back down to the 120 that was my consistent weight without even trying... until I turned 30).

Let's see... anything else... Oh, yeah. Woke up to a chilly room and found out the little space heater has been just blowing cold air for who knows how long. Good thing it's spring (tho the Evil Overlord making me keep my room 80 degrees all winter means I get a chill with temps in the 70's 9.9) And one advantage to typing this as I wake up is that it seems to take just enough time for me to start considering breakfast. That and it would be helpful as far as jotting down any potentially useful dreams before I forget bits. Let's face it, my real life is far more boring compared to some of those (which is likely why I have trouble remembering details)... so mornings it stays for now.


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