Apr. 10th, 2016

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Ok, the electric was off from around 10am to around 2pm yesterday, so that made for a chunk of time when I could get almost nothing done - this old laptop's battery went bad ages ago and had to be removed because of the heat it was putting off (tho thankfully having a surge protector/battery backup system for my electronics gave me the time to shut everything down), and the tablet is, as I've said, essentially a fancy clock with timer and note functions. Can't even clean my room in the dark (and no windows in my room to provide light that way). I spent most of the time just walking back and forth in the hall, and timing it so I could count it off as exercise.

Even with that, I still got my surveys done, got a bit done in Unity (so far going modular is working out well for building, kind of itching to get back to that), and got some more done on the skin tone research. Which currently consists of renaming a lot of pictures.

Someone online is doing this huge project thing where they're classifying real people by Pantone colors... (results so far can be found here: http://humanae.tumblr.com/ ) I think it's meant to be some kind of sociological statement about race, but I was really only there to swipe a ton of the images. I'm renaming them according to hue and depth of color for an organizational system I can make better use of to eventually chart out the range of real human skin tones regardless of any racial information, and use that to make a complete range of skins for MakeHuman. I currently have 49 renamed... and about 1200 to go. But it's a start.

And after that I get to attempt the same with eye colors. And then hair.

I also got a few tv eps caught up and some more sorting on the sewing patterns. Not bad for a day where I lost a few hours of time to a power outage.

And now it's off to get dailies and surveys done, hopefully by noon, so I can spend the rest of the day on other stuff.


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