Apr. 11th, 2016

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Thus far today has not been a good day. And thing seemed off yesterday too. I somehow got the feeling I got less done than on the day when the power was out. Today I got a late start on things and here it is 1pm and my daily stuff isn't even done yet (barely started, even). Part was just getting distracted by diet stuff and the Evil Overlord pestering me as soon as I was awake wanting chicken fries and suggesting making things better on that front by cutting pizza into larger slices... Other than that it (like most things) does Not work the way she insists (bigger slice=more calories. Calories per slice does not magically stay the same regardless of the size of the slice), this is not meant to be a game of 'see how many ways you can cheat the system'. You can't count doing dishes as the same as jumping jacks on the grounds that 'doing dishes IS exercise for me!'...

One upside to yesterday was I realized I actually had half the number of images from that one project to rename as I thought, due to having somehow made duplicates of every pic in the file. So there's only about 600 to go. Got a little done on that, a little on Unity... one thing that made the day frustrating was finding out that none of the free textures I've collected over time are really pre-scaled to work with a 1 meter modular building system. (I end up with things like tiny little mini bricks). So I'll either have to make all my own textures or edit those. And fiddling with it took up a bigger chunk of time than I would have liked.

And today's already turning into a wash, just because I thought I'd almost kicked the non-24 thing. Days in a row of a 6-7ish wakeup and an 8pm bedtime... and then I wasn't up until 10 this morning. I'm kind of hoping it's just PMS, but either way I'm starting off behind. And I keep making typos I need to fix. (Probably sign I need to trim my fingernails.)

And the strap on the corset I wear around the house broke and had to be fixed (plastic jump ring replaced with metal one), another delay in getting the day started. I don't wear the thing for any stupid/dangerous 'waist training' stuff, btw. It's cause I'm a friggin DD or maybe E-cup (I've never been sure, it's hard to measure well when they're this big), and only 5 ft tall, and no bra has ever provided enough support to prevent neck/shoulder/back pain. A short corset does that.

Mattel finally emailed me saying they shipped the doll that they somehow forgot to include in the order I made with them and which I had to contact customer service and request be 'reshipped'... only the email doesn't specify it past being a Fashionista, and the website doesn't admit to any open orders attached to my email, so given their record so far I'm half-dreading they won't have shipped the right doll.

And I'm tempted to just call today a day off and delete at least some of the surveys. I need to squeeze in a shower too. And I have less than 7 hours left unless I want to say screw it to this latest attempt to have a schedule.


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