Apr. 21st, 2016

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I have given up on the schedule thing. I guess after a decade of non-24 it's just too much to expect, even if I have been getting a little more sun. Out of curiosity I timed the last day... I woke up at 9am, went to bed at 4am (eight hours past the bedtime I was trying to stick to, which lead to a lot of tossing and turning... and four hours past the latest I'd been letting it slide), and woke up this time at 2:30pm (and might have stayed in bed until 3pm if not for the Evil Overlord demanding pork chops). Basically, my brain still thinks the world is on a 30 hour schedule, unless all of that was making up for sleep deprivation symptoms.

I've been looking for a program that can handle creating reflection maps for 3d textures. Most are ridiculously expensive. I did find one free one, but it's in source code and you have to compile it yourself. I've also spotted rumors of a GIMP plugin for doing the normal maps, and could then hand-paint all of the rest as needed. So I'm considering my options there.

I did get more done than I have been lately, mostly because I didn't feel constantly pressed for time with a looming bedtime hours before I was tired. Hoping today will go the same. I'm nearly done with getting the incomplete version of the timeline I tried to do on Google Pages once into the offline working page. I have a few backup versions too, and need to fill in a few gaps, and then once I have the whole mess in one place maybe I can actually make a dent in cleaning it up.

I also have a ton of textures to round up and sort into a neater folder instead of scattered all over, and made a dent in that too.

And now I need to spend another day catching up on all the things that slid because 24 hours just doesn't work for me.


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