Apr. 30th, 2016

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So, I said there was nothing new... until yesterday. Smokey is still a walking flea-nest despite special shampoo and frequent baths, which by then wasn't new. We've been bathing her frequently (usually whenever the smell gets noticeable) but the fleas seem immune to flea shampoo. We gave her a bath again about three days ago, but apparently didn't get as much of the nits and flea-poop off as we thought. She has very dense fur, and hates water, so managing any of it isn't easy - that time in specific she dug her claws into my arm twice and the swelling has only now gone down. (It might not have been so bad if the Evil Overlord hadn't tried to 'help' yank Smokey's paws off the first time. I was tempted to let go of the cat and smack her! For those who haven't had this happen, the important thing is to stay calm and carefully remove the paws - the claws are curved and yanking will do more damage. A gentle squeeze on the toe joints will get the claws out.)

Anyhow, on to the new thing. Smokey came in yesterday (after ignoring us for roughly 24 hours in a snit about the bath) in a state that I have never heard of in a living animal - chased by blue bottle flies, and covered with fly eggs (mostly on her underside) and a few maggots.

I've even googled this and can't find ANY mentions of a living animal having flies mistake them for a wonderful location to lay eggs unless they have some kind of festering open wound, which she didn't. The only thing I can think is that the flea poop (which is mostly dried blood) got damp when we bathed her and between missing some of it (we didn't get her stomach and between her hind legs as well as I would have liked) and the fleas just not really being affected by anything we're doing so far... the flies might have been attracted to that.

All I really know is that we bathed her again very thoroughly and it was disgusting. I've asked the Evil Overlord to quit letting her outside. Smokey was a purely indoor cat until Her Majesty moved in here-when I first got her she also had a bad flea infestation and three kinds of internal parasites requiring about $300 in vet meds (I miss the days when I could afford things like that)-and even beyond my disagreements with letting a cat free-roam in town I knew she would be pest-bait if there was any chance of it. This has been the worst year ever, though, more than any of the others combined.

I have my doubts the Evil Overlord will stick to keeping her indoors, even tho I got her to agree to it for a while. She's of the opinion that cats 'need' to go outside. It's moot for the moment though, as Smokey has hidden herself somewhere in the back room where we can't get to her. She hasn't even come out to eat, and I need to try to find her soon. (Not easy with the way the Evil Overlord piled that room up.)

I don't know what to do about this, but the next thing we might try is dusting her with diatomaceous earth. It's going to be a while yet before we can order that, tho, and I'm sure she'll need another bath by the time we can get her out of the back room. It might be longer before I quit having nightmares about maggots.

UPDATE: Found her around 2pm. She's dead. At a guess sometime within roughly 12 hours previous but I'm not sure on the progression of rigor mortis in cats. Anyhow, taking rest of day off.


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