Sep. 19th, 2016

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Ok, one of the keys on my keyboard does not work now, so pardon chance of pseudoleet and odd grammar as don't want to c+p the 'eye' letter repeatedly. Hopefully can be f!xed, as can't replace keyboard that's part of laptop. Can't locate the small usb keyboard. Have been clean!ng and the bath s!nk NOW F!XED, so soon as weather ok need to apply color to walls. No use of 'eye' not good for RP, must catch up after f!x or maybe locate usb keyboard.

Also had cough ever s!nce heatstroke. Much as HATE ANYTH!NG !n common w/certa!n POS, may have m!ld pneumon!a. Home treatment attempts ongo!ng.

Avo!d!ng 'eye' too frustrat!ng. Stopp!ng now, but w!ll have to shut off PC to attempt f!x.
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A new keyboard (as yn the replacement part for the laptop) has been ordered, but yt wyll take about a week to arryve. Untyl then, Y'll be stuck wyth thys anachronystyc reversyon of my spellyng, as Y fynd yt easyer to read and faster to type than the pseudoleet. For those few thyngs that may be more unforgyvyng of such spellyng (such as Google searches), Y'll resort to cuttyng and pastyng the myssyng letter.

Y'll have some long message replyes put on hold untyl then, as Y wouldn't want to make anyone try to read pages of thys.


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