Nov. 8th, 2016

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Pardon the language, but screw the lesser of two evils thing. Whoever wins for the next four years, everyone except big corporations lose. I really see little difference between the two except that Trump is more insulting and Clinton more insidious. It's more important than ever to vote for a third party candidate as if they can get 5% of the vote then they will have funding and have to be placed on the ballots next time, and that's our only hope of voting the scum out in four years. The next four years are already lost.

(More on my crappy Election Day so far after I get back from voting)
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Ok, ways today was not good. Got 5 hours of sleep. Woke up to help with arriving Target delivery to find they's sent us our whole order... and one box of someone else's, with no paperwork in the box or any way to tell who it went to. Went to wake computer from sleep mode and... I only have one screen. The monitor died sometime while I was asleep, leaving behind a bit of a scorched smell. I've unplugged it for safety but haven't disassembled to have a look yet. Have a toothache, and am going to just call it a wash and go back to sleep now that I've done my civic duty. And no matter which way it goes short of an extreme miracle I'm going to wake up in a country that has a lying, elitist, piece of shit corporate whore for president. This is already practically the United States Of Monsanto. I just hope whichever scumbag ends up in office doesn't manage to make it official during their term and we can manage to break the two-party system enough to kick them out in four years. (Shame it can't be straight to jail...) And having said that I'm also probably now on some government watch list. Woohoo.

#^@^ today, I'm going back to bed.


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