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Well, having an extra screen does keep me busy. I'm still moving things around, getting used to what works better where. For example, I get a cramp in my neck and make more typos if I put anything that involves typing on the second screen, but it seems to show colors/graphics better than the laptop one. I'm also getting the hang of what to divide between Waterfox and Chrome now that I'm using both at the same time. Chrome has to be used for journals because LJLogin finally broke and it has the LJJuggler replacement. It's also a LOT faster for my surveys. Research, videos, and fanfic to read are still over on the other screen and on Waterfox. Also, if there's anything that involves saving a file it's staying on Waterfox as, for reasons I cannot comprehend, Chrome wants to mangle page and file names.

I've slowed down on timeline work, tho I did make another round in the tree database. I finally have enough screen space to start processing a LOT of saved files and 'notes', but the next step is probably going to involve Unity coding as I've gotten to a point where I'll need to be able to test-play sections and make sure it's possible to walk around where I think it is.

I've also got a 10% off coupon from Spoonflower, so another swatchbook is pending! I'll probably place the order today or tomorrow. I really need to start sewing things with the other swatches as examples, and possibly do up some kind of sticky post for the Playscale Theater blog to show the fabrics off in a way a little easier to search (and with better previews) than Spoonflower... their preview system just doesn't handle mini prints well.

I'm also behind on my videos, and need to get a shower. Busy, busy... XD


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