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I've been really really busy.

Spring cleaning managed to turn itself into spring renovations. I got a blister on one hand sandpapering plasterwork, but it's finally healed up enough to not get too much in the way. I planned to paint the bathroom but the old paint I had is ruined and it'll be another month before we can get some new. On top of that I lucked out on an SD card sale and got five new 32GB ones, so I'm moving around a lot of files and doing some spring cleaning there too. Even with two screens I now have 9 separate windows viewable at once, and just now got to where one of them could be a DW window. (And I might lose that semi-soonish, as I need to clean up a huge stack of old CD-Rs and put the files on SD cards)

On the upside, I can mix powdered tempra with gypsum plaster to repaint the ceiling or with white wall paint (I actually put an exterior paint on the shopping list for added durability) to make any colors I need, so we'll only have to buy white (and if I measure carefully I should be able to match colors each time). And I have a lot of powdered tempra paint from cleaning out an old defunct daycare once. I can hardly wait to get the paint because, even tho slapping paint on something is a minor thing compared to fixing the weak spot in the hall floor (or the two weak spots in my bedroom floor, or the two in the bathroom, or... you get the idea) or fixing the sink and so on, painting things is something that makes a large visual difference and that improves mood and motivation as far as the rest of the work. I should probably take some pictures as I go.


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