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I overdid it, and I have no regrets about that.

To elaborate... the Evil Overlord has been looking for spider plants. I found babies on Etsy, and the seller also has a group pack of succulents. I had some and a few cacti years ago before she moved in here, and am thinking about giving it a try. Which means sand because the soil mix I use for the garden is, of course, way too dense. That lead to pricing sand... and, as one thing leads to another, lead to me making what was supposed to be a short walk down to the Town&Country to price their sand and get a bag of vermiculite, with a secondary goal of seeing if they had corn on the cob as sometimes they had veggies in. (It was either yesterday or the day before, I think the day before, and my reasons for being fuzzy on that will become apparent eventually.)

And I found something I thought I'd never see again unless I saved for transportation and expanded my range quite a bit. A farmer's market (of sorts). There's a woman who's now setting up a VEGGIE STAND just across from Town&Country on weekends, IN MY WALKING DISTANCE. And she had WATERMELON.

So I trudge back up the hill, inform the Evil Overlord of this development... and ignore the fact that I'm already slightly dizzy and sweating and should have at least stuck my head in the shower first. Back down the hill. I'm not sure how much heat there was. We went through most of the 'garden fund' money, and loaded up my old green pull-cart. I even got a 'baby' off of a prickly pear cactus to try to propagate! Watermelon, potatoes, green beans, corn on the cob, a single peach, and we also hit the yardsale stuff she had out which added 5 more dvds and 4 books to the library (which is in desperate need of massive reorganization). The watermelon goes in the backpack I was wearing, and almost everything else goes in a canvas bag and on the cart.

Oh, and while the Evil Overlord was browsing, I'd stopped at Town&Country again and got a 50lb bag of sand. Which, since they leave it outside, was damp, btw.

Now, I've been kind of hypersensitive to too much light and heat ever since this nasty case of heatstroke when I was a kid back when they first opened the Wave Pool and we all went... I should have been more careful, taken some water, or, as I said, at least stuck my head in the shower before going out the second time. But, no. Thoughts of watermelon for the first time in YEARS had me trying to pack what was probably a hundred pound load (what with sand, melon, and everything else on the cart) up a hill in weather bright and hot enough to where I'd already been dizzy BEFORE going back down.

The result was that I had to sit down twice, almost fainted both times, felt like I was going to puke, and had to peel my clothes off, get in the tub, and run cold water over my head as soon as I got back to the house. The Evil Overlord had to carry the watermelon for the last 50 ft or so. I just couldn't get back up with the pack on.

Now, I've had this happen before... not in recent years cause I'm careful, but often enough in the past to where I knew what to do, hence stripping and spraying myself off with cold water in the shower until I didn't feel like I was going to faint. And then replenish lost electrolytes, which I used to keep fruit juice for over a decade ago. Luckily, we'd just bought a peach...

So worth it.

I did tell her maybe this was a sign I was getting a bit too old for hauling that cart up the hill, or at least shouldn't have done it in that weather. As it turns out, my cart hauling days are over for another reason - that last load put a break in the cart's frame. The thing was supposed to have a 350 lb weight limit, but it is over a decade old... I guess it just finally went.

Anyhow, this is the first day I've even looked at my email since, giving myself some recovery time, which means I have a pile of backlogged surveys and the like to wade through. And we're already planning to go down again next weekend... only without the cart and the 50-lb bag of sand in the equation. And, also, hopefully without the medical emergency.

We have watermelon. STILL worth it!
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