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And I've managed to be not well again. Me and one of the cats are both running high fevers, so it'd have to be something communicable. Given various incubation periods, possibly caught the same day I had my little brush with heatstroke. I was absolutely useless yesterday as it also set off a bad reaction from one of my teeth. Today most of the pain and swelling are gone but I've got an annoying headache and not much up for anything that requires thinking.

Which, of course, means life tosses me a hell of a puzzle and my head hurts too much to make any sense of it. I finally scraped up enough to buy /another/ tablet to replace the one that would never connect. It arrived today... and it wouldn't connect either. (and I specifically bought a windows tablet this time, thinking the problem was a big error in Android KitKat) That just couldn't be right, so I tried to connect the new tablet in the living room since the Evil Overlord never has any wifi problems. (My laptop also refuses to use WiFi and has a corded connection directly to the router, looking into the problem with that always indicated it was some kind of windows registry bug and since I could still get online I didn't think about it much.)

Ok, here's what makes absolutely no sense. BOTH tablets can connect to the internet in the living room or kitchen, or about a third of the way down the hall. They register 3 bars in those locations. They register 5 bars in my room but will NOT connect and if connected will lose signal. The router is IN MY ROOM. Everything I see on WiFi dead zones involves improving coverage for areas that are too far away from the router. The living room and kitchen are the rooms farthest from the router. And, no, we're not accidentally jacking into another WiFi signal, it's confirmed as ours. I've also ruled out my desk being to blame (it has a metal frame) as there's also no signal in the bathroom to 2/3 of the way down the hall. I can find nothing on how there could be a connection issue right next to the router box and a decent signal 20 ft away. The Evil Overlord is wanting to blame it on the wiring which could mean her putting more holes in the ceiling unless I solve the problem.

All of this is NOT helping my headache.

PS: I just tried mounting the router box on the wall. This ALMOST seems to work for a little bit, but now no signal again. So it might all be in placement, tho I still don't understand why I can't get a connection even when I lay a tablet right on top of the damned thing.

Date: 2016-09-12 02:47 am (UTC)
crossover_chick: Alice (Wonderland) looking kind of confused (AMA: WTFery?)
From: [personal profile] crossover_chick
That -- is completely freaking baffling. O.o I have NO idea why the tablets won't connect if they're in the same room as the router. That's just -- odd. *shakehead* I hope you can figure it out. Though I'm glad you found a place where they WILL connect in the house. . .

BTW, I should get to the RP reply and your PM tomorrow -- me getting my period this weekend means I have not been perfect with the whole "coming up with thoughtful replies to things" business.

Date: 2016-09-13 02:59 am (UTC)
crossover_chick: Alice (Wonderland) looking kind of confused (AMA: WTFery?)
From: [personal profile] crossover_chick
O.o That is baffling. I mean, I guess there has to be something about your room that kills wi-fi, but you're right -- how could the signal be getting OUT if that's the case? I've never heard of anything like this. How do you even Google it? o.O Really don't know what to tell you here.


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