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Lots of winterizing, coupled with not feeling well (a little better since I'm not opening drawers, see below), a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing problems since the watermelon and that wasn't helped by my usual corset wearing out (but was when I switched to a different one, yay for no more stabbing pains down my arm), etc... I got behind on a lot of online stuff and have just generally felt down lately.

I'm still using a separate keyboard for my left hand to procrastinate on taking the whole laptop apart over that darned I. My typing speed is actually only a bit slower than normal this way, but just enough to throw off my train of thought if I try to write or do RP, so in those cases it's type and then fill in the I's. If my laptop wasn't one of those that pretty much has to be completely disassembled to swap the keyboard... as is, doing s is going to be an all day thing when I do it, and I just have't had the energy lately.

Meanwhile, my life keeps trying to kill me. That chronic cough? Turns out my bedroom furniture I've had for a year has been slowly off-gassing formaldehyde into my windowless bedroom. I have nowhere else to move the drawers responsible to, tho I've emptied out most of them so I won't be opening them. I can't do anything about it for winter that I can tell. 'll have to wait for 90-degree weather and set the pieces one at a time in the back room for a week or two each with fans on and the back door open, and just hope that gets rid of it. I can't afford to replace the drawers - they were the best I could afford to start with.

I moved a piece of ivy and a spider plant to my room (both can remove formaldehyde from air), but the spider plant is just a baby with three leaves, and the ivy's only about a foot long for now, so they can't do much yet.

I tried asking on Quora about the weird wifi issue in my room:
By the end it was starting to feel like the beginning of a creepypasta. This problem literally violates the laws of physics as I understand them, persistent even through a homemade faraday cage. My bedroom is starting to look like the worst place for me to be sleeping, but there isn't anywhere else.

Right now, the only upsides are that the bathroom is painted; I've made some progress on catching up surveys, Khan Academy math lessons, and putting together an offline reference timeline for RP/writing stuff so I'll actually know what needs done there (still in progress). And since I may have to learn how to set up a LAN, I'm going over my computer parts and seeing if I can get a couple (much) older computers limping along to handle stuff that doesn't require a lot of processing power, like maybe offline media organization or my html reference pages.

Right now, I'm just going to do more surveys and catch some vids up.


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