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The wifi works in my room now. The whole thing was still weird.

The bathroom is right next to and shares a wall with my room. It has an old porcelain-coated-steel bathtub. The bathtub itself was not the problem, but whoever designed the wiring layout for the place ran wire from the corner electrical socket in my bedroom behind the bathtub to provide power to just one of the wall plugs in the room on the other side of the bathroom. We never really used that plug and didn't much like having a wire there as it just seemed like a bad idea, but at the same time I was uneasy about letting the Evil Overlord near any of the wiring in my room (being that all my wiring still works and I'd like to keep it that way). Still, that seemed enough of a possible hazard even without the likelihood of rats managing to chew on the wire during a flare-up of vermin we had a few years back. So after cleaning up some things in my room and making certain possibly losing the outlet wouldn't mess up my computers I let her pull out the outlet to disconnect the wire leading behind the bathtub. We didn't pull the wire out, so I have no idea how badly damaged it is or if it being near/behind a metal tub that might have acted as an amplifier might have had any effect. My best guess is that it was somehow creating a jamming signal that caused the dead-zone. Now that it's disconnected from current the wifi works.

Downside is I have a headache. I don't know if this is just a thing due to 'coming down' from more than a decade of unrealized EMF exposure, or what.

On the tablet front, I still haven't reflashed the android tablet again... tho part of that is procrastinating because I want to find time to record video of this really weird/neat thing the screen currently does trying to boot up on the wrong software. It starts off black and then white pixels kind of creep in from the edges. Then, when it's all white the same thing starts to happen with black pixels. Sometimes it'll crash to shutdown first and sometimes it'll get all black and then crash. It's so much like a creepy movie special effect I really want to save a recording of it somehow in case I find it useful for graphics at some point.

The Windows tablet connects to wifi now, but is currently off and a good deal unusable due to a 'ghost touch' issue I need to take time to diagnose. It's always in teh same spot, so it could be a shorting issue, in which case I'll have to take that one apart too.

The 'new' Cobys arrived, but none of my current power cords fit them so I'll have to pick one up to start diagnosing the ones that were sold as powering on but with a damaged screen. For the smaller one with the undamaged screen I had a nice surprise. Tho it was sold as not turning on I briefly got a battery warning to display when I bumped the power button. I could also hear something loose inside. After popping it open (a difficult one due to some interesting curves) I found that the power jack has come unsoldered. It looks like all of a 5 minute fix once I get the hang of using a soldering iron again (I haven't used one in more than 20 years... I made a digital clock from parts of broken ones, and managed to give myself a nasty burn on my arm when I thought I'd unplugged the thing but unplugged a lamp instead).

I haven't popped the other two cobys open yet.

The laptop I got won't get past bios, giving a lock-light code that indicates it can't detect its installed ram. After trying the ram in different combinations on the motherboard I'm pretty sure the ram is good and part of the motherboard is fried. Still, I got a LOT of good parts and a really pretty silver and midnight blue case out of that deal, worth what I paid.

I also dug all my old desktops out of storage (three with cases and one in just parts, plus one old laptop that just quit turning on one day). At least one old desktop is going to become network-attached-storage/file server. The other two might end up for media or retro gaming. I'm not sure yet. They have a LOT of empty expansion slots and enough bays to make things interesting (especially if I remove floppy drives and redundant cd drives), tho the processing and ram will remain low. I'll have plenty to mess around with all winter.


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