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Really trying to make progress in getting things done. As always, there are setbacks.

I can't take the laptop apart to replace the keyboard without another computer of some sort working so I can access youtube vids of how to completely disassemble the thing (Of course it can't be one of those easy ones where you can pop the keyboard out from the top).

With that thought in mind I managed after a lot of annoyance to disable the touchscreen on the windows tablet with the thought of hooking it up to the mouse long enough for this. After getting that done, I popped the case open to see what the problem was. During assembly the speaker wires were crushed in the edge of the casing, severing one of them. So, until my repair skills are up to fixing or replacing an extremely thin wire I'm not turning that back on.

I did get a replacement computer monitor surprisingly fast, tho it put a dent in xmas saving. And then today I managed to clean off the rest of my desktop (which involved taking apart and at least partly reassembling the wall sheves in my room to fit paperbacks and DVD cases instead of where they were originally spaced for CDs I don't really use any more) for a place to properly work on electronics to find out what happened to the previous one.

It's kind of funny, really, but that's getting ahead...

When I got it up on the table and removed the stand I noticed a few drops of liquid near the power cord jack. Pulling out the power cord revealed that the end was corroded and burnt to the point that the hard rubber had actually cracked. I had no idea where the liquid could have come from. I got it apart and noticed all the damage is around the power jack. The capacitors are in great shape (bad for me, because practically every repair kit just wants to sell the capacitors).

I was boggled as to what could have caused just the power jack (and just one connection on it) to have caused a scorch mark and some kind of fluid that still hadn't evaporated. Then I aimed an LED flashlight up into the power jack...

I'd moved the monitor to rearrange my desktop and clean it, and I'd unplugged the cords while doing sp because that monitor is one of the heaviest I've ever encountered (and I used to use CRT monitors!), and I didn't want a cord to cause me to drop anything. I also cleaned off the desk. Apparently, while I was wiping the desk down before plugging everything back up, a small black bug (a LITERAL bug, mind you) crawled into the monitor's power jack, finding it a nice dark hidey-hole. At the angle the monitor was on my desk, I never would have seen it without a flashlight even if I'd thought to look in the port for a black bug in a dark space (I'll defnitely watch out in the future, tho, even if it requires crawling under my desk with a flashlight and shining the light up through the glass desktop). I shoved the cord in the hole and turned my monitor into a one-use bugzapper. I'm still not too sure about the electrical current causing condensation of some sort or if it all cooked out of the bug. It doesn't look like a really 'juicy' bug, more like some skinny black fly, miniature wasp, or winged ant (totally wrong season for those, tho). I haven't pried it out yet for a closer look until I wake the Evil Overlord at 8am. I've got to show off this one. I guess the liquid could be a side effect of the massive amounts of corrosion caused by the process of frying a bug in the power jack. It was enough to where I'm pretty sure one of the prongs is broken (otherwise I'd have some hope of maybe just cleaning the thing off, tho I doubt I'd be that lucky)

I'm having trouble finding that particular replacement part, and replacing the whole board would be $30... and kind of wasteful IMO as all of the capacitors and everything else looks great. So I'll keep looking for now.

At least I now have room to work, and my finger's healed up from a problem involving a suddenly twisty sou can lid, so maybe I can also get back to the wall shelves.


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