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Ok, the 15th was my birthday (which I wouldn't have even noticed if not for a few automated emails from survey sites), I don't know what happened to the 16th, and here it is the 17th.

Still working on notes and getting a lot of stuff that was hard to work on without multiple screens tidied up. Currently making some big dents in consolidating old timeline copies into one I can work from. I have 100 old files to go there, and that's just the ones in one folder where I'd once tried to do little monthly tables. I think there are some more past that in another folder, but soon they'll all be in one big file and I can start in on the real work. I keep getting slowed down rereading old logs, though. XD

Well, back to work...
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As of the latest Waterfox update, LJ Login has stopped working properly in an odd way - meaning that all the drop boxes are empty. I have so many RP accounts I can't be certain of the names of all of them, much less the passwords. This is a VERY bad thing for me.

Still adjusting to the extra monitor space, but getting everything workable. I can have up to five windows viewable at once without things getting cluttered. At least some of my online quietness (that not caused by the above sign in problems) is due to getting a whole lot of things done now that I actually have the screen space to do them. Like converting a ton of 3d files to the more accessable OBJ format now that I can have Blender and a couple File Manager windows open and still have two browser windows open. 280 total browser tabs, most of which were holding things I hadn't had time to get to yet... so still a lot more to do there, but for once the numbers aren't increasing as fast as I get them done.
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Now I remember why I quit making entries in this for so long before my recent attempts to do so on a semi-regular basis. Either nothing new is happening to write about, or too much happens and I don't have time to write... and then can't keep it all straight in my head to write about when there is time. (I have a crap memory sometimes, about a lot of things.)

Got the cat buried. Had bank/Sheetz trip, and the usual online orders. The election primary's in two more days, and my birthday's in another week. Lots of gardening stuff including arranging for delivery of 10 40-lb bags of compost. Ants are after my grafted pear tree, which might actually have pears this year if I can kill the invading little buggers off before they try to turn it into an aphid farm (they do this with the cherries EVERY YEAR).

I'm sure there's more... let's see... Two notices of food recalls, both for listeria, one for some corn from Schwan's that thankfully the numbers they were looking for didn't match the bag I'd already eaten most of, and the other for some sunflower seeds that I'd already eaten two tablespoons of. So far, not sick.. but a virus with a 70-day incubation window is a long wait to know for sure.

The monitor the Evil Overlord took from me ages ago for her security system somehow got burnt out by the last power outage. She saved up about $80 to replace it (because when she's out something it gets priority, never mind that it's been years of me working on one screen because she'd put off replacing the one she took from me). A bit of luck for once because that wrinkle worked out when she found some refurbished ones for sale for $40. So, now I finally have a second screen again. That should let me get more done, as soon as I re-adapt to it and sort out which things are going where as far as screen space.

The bit of broken tooth fell out the day after my last post (also got the cat buried that day), but the area's stayed sore since and I think is abscessed. That'll probably take a while to resolve.

Managed to convince the Evil Overlord to get some plain bran flakes in the grocery shopping this time, so now I have cereal to use milk on and occasionally add a date, raisins, or some banana to.

If there's anything else at the moment, I can't recall. Back to moving files, doing surveys, and reading fanfic all at the same time. (Hooray for screen space!)
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One of my broken teeth has decided to /almost/ lose another piece... but while it's as wriggly as it can get it's still holding on by a bit of root that refuses to let go. And the Evil Overlord decided on pork chops for dinner... I expect it's going to take hours to eat one.

It's also been raining all day, which precludes getting anything done outside (such as burying deceased felines).

I think I'm just going to count today as another day off. Situational depression is different from chronic depression but it's still no picnic... and for right now I just plain don't feel like doing anything much besides reading a few fics or maybe organizing some files.
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So, I said there was nothing new... until yesterday. Smokey is still a walking flea-nest despite special shampoo and frequent baths, which by then wasn't new. We've been bathing her frequently (usually whenever the smell gets noticeable) but the fleas seem immune to flea shampoo. We gave her a bath again about three days ago, but apparently didn't get as much of the nits and flea-poop off as we thought. She has very dense fur, and hates water, so managing any of it isn't easy - that time in specific she dug her claws into my arm twice and the swelling has only now gone down. (It might not have been so bad if the Evil Overlord hadn't tried to 'help' yank Smokey's paws off the first time. I was tempted to let go of the cat and smack her! For those who haven't had this happen, the important thing is to stay calm and carefully remove the paws - the claws are curved and yanking will do more damage. A gentle squeeze on the toe joints will get the claws out.)

Anyhow, on to the new thing. Smokey came in yesterday (after ignoring us for roughly 24 hours in a snit about the bath) in a state that I have never heard of in a living animal - chased by blue bottle flies, and covered with fly eggs (mostly on her underside) and a few maggots.

I've even googled this and can't find ANY mentions of a living animal having flies mistake them for a wonderful location to lay eggs unless they have some kind of festering open wound, which she didn't. The only thing I can think is that the flea poop (which is mostly dried blood) got damp when we bathed her and between missing some of it (we didn't get her stomach and between her hind legs as well as I would have liked) and the fleas just not really being affected by anything we're doing so far... the flies might have been attracted to that.

All I really know is that we bathed her again very thoroughly and it was disgusting. I've asked the Evil Overlord to quit letting her outside. Smokey was a purely indoor cat until Her Majesty moved in here-when I first got her she also had a bad flea infestation and three kinds of internal parasites requiring about $300 in vet meds (I miss the days when I could afford things like that)-and even beyond my disagreements with letting a cat free-roam in town I knew she would be pest-bait if there was any chance of it. This has been the worst year ever, though, more than any of the others combined.

I have my doubts the Evil Overlord will stick to keeping her indoors, even tho I got her to agree to it for a while. She's of the opinion that cats 'need' to go outside. It's moot for the moment though, as Smokey has hidden herself somewhere in the back room where we can't get to her. She hasn't even come out to eat, and I need to try to find her soon. (Not easy with the way the Evil Overlord piled that room up.)

I don't know what to do about this, but the next thing we might try is dusting her with diatomaceous earth. It's going to be a while yet before we can order that, tho, and I'm sure she'll need another bath by the time we can get her out of the back room. It might be longer before I quit having nightmares about maggots.

UPDATE: Found her around 2pm. She's dead. At a guess sometime within roughly 12 hours previous but I'm not sure on the progression of rigor mortis in cats. Anyhow, taking rest of day off.
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My brain got sucked into plottiness again, still tidying up scores of old notes. I spent part of yesterday turning maps of Sosaria from Ultima upside down after noticing it's pretty much shaped like the UK.

Also gardening is taking up some time. I hurt my shoulder for a bit carrying filled tubs of dirt up stairs because the Evil Overlord decided to move them.

Other than that, really nothing new here. (Which is, in itself, nothing new.)
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I've spent yesterday and part of today on video binges because I'm nearly a month behind on some shows and running severe risk of missing a chance to view them on their respective network websites. Everything else is just plodding along with not much new to say.

Oh, except that I finally worked out how to make semi-decent hot cocoa with instant powder. Put the cocoa in the bottom of the mug. Heat up the water/milk separately. (I use water for various reasons including access, cost, and calorie count.) While the water/milk is heating up, add any little additives to the cocoa powder like coconut oil or vanilla extract. When the water/milk is hot, add just enough to the cocoa powder and additives to stir it all into a syrup/paste. Make sure it's completely mixed. THEN add the rest of the water. I know this sounds like a weird extra step, but it makes for a surprising bit of difference.
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I still haven't had the time yet to jump through all the hoops I'd have to (including downloading some other software I've never heard of) to compile that one graphics program... but since I'm still tracking down where all the textures have scattered to and trying to get them organized in preparation that's not too big a problem. I also need to figure out a few things regarding scale with textures, as I'm using 1 unity unit for each 'piece' of the modular building bits, which is the equivalent of one meter... and many of the textures are showing up with details way too tiny on that (miniature bricks instead of standard size, for example). I might end up having to chop some of them up, or completely redo them. I don't want to make the modular pieces bigger... while that would seem at first glance to be the easiest fix, it would make them harder to neatly place. With them at 1uu, I don't even have to use Unity's erratic snap-to... I can just place them neatly by typing in the coordinates.

I've only got one page left in the old incomplete timeline on Google Pages. Then I'll still have to go through the GJ backup ones, and a few other attempts scattered through my backup logs. Not to mention any outlines and the like that are stuck in writing notes. I know I have several related to Spider and Dynamo's misadventures in a Star Wars timeline in all that... which they do need to get back to, as soon as I have a clearer look at where that all fits in.

I'm way behind on TV shows because currently it seems that whenever I'm awake the Evil Overlord is watching videos and I don't feel like sitting through stuff that chunks up because of bandwidth hogging.

Flea season continues to be bad. The damn things love me. It's not mutual. As always, they seem to congregate in the bathroom for some reason. I'll only rarely get one on me in my room, but every time I have to use the toilet I pick at least 2 or 3 off my legs. The record in one trip was 20 fleas... thankfully, I convinced the Evil Overlord to remove any rugs in the bathroom which seems to have slowed them down.

And not sure what else to say. Back to work... maybe I can actually get the Google Pages versions cleared tonight. :)
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I have given up on the schedule thing. I guess after a decade of non-24 it's just too much to expect, even if I have been getting a little more sun. Out of curiosity I timed the last day... I woke up at 9am, went to bed at 4am (eight hours past the bedtime I was trying to stick to, which lead to a lot of tossing and turning... and four hours past the latest I'd been letting it slide), and woke up this time at 2:30pm (and might have stayed in bed until 3pm if not for the Evil Overlord demanding pork chops). Basically, my brain still thinks the world is on a 30 hour schedule, unless all of that was making up for sleep deprivation symptoms.

I've been looking for a program that can handle creating reflection maps for 3d textures. Most are ridiculously expensive. I did find one free one, but it's in source code and you have to compile it yourself. I've also spotted rumors of a GIMP plugin for doing the normal maps, and could then hand-paint all of the rest as needed. So I'm considering my options there.

I did get more done than I have been lately, mostly because I didn't feel constantly pressed for time with a looming bedtime hours before I was tired. Hoping today will go the same. I'm nearly done with getting the incomplete version of the timeline I tried to do on Google Pages once into the offline working page. I have a few backup versions too, and need to fill in a few gaps, and then once I have the whole mess in one place maybe I can actually make a dent in cleaning it up.

I also have a ton of textures to round up and sort into a neater folder instead of scattered all over, and made a dent in that too.

And now I need to spend another day catching up on all the things that slid because 24 hours just doesn't work for me.
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Ok, I've been pretty bad regarding this thing the last few days. I really don't know where the time's going. I get up... and it seems I barely get anything done before it's time to go to bed. I don't really have gaps of missing time, so much as it just seems to go too fast and I feel sleepy. This has happened before with attempts to stick to a schedule, but I'm still hopeful I can retrain my brain to it.

As for side projects... I've put Unity on pause until I finish a model in MakeHuman, I can't have a MakeHuman model acceptably complete until I do the hair and eye research, and I've put that on pause to try to clean up the timeline first after realizing I'd lost track of the actual ages of some of the younger WilyWars charas. I might alternate that with the Tree some days, and I've gotten a little more doll work and sewing pattern stuff done, but for the most part it's focus on the timeline and try to get it done (or at least in one piece) before I take a lot of the rest off the back burner.

The other thing I really need to do is try to clean up some space. I might start with pre-organizing textures for Unity. They're taking up a lot of disk space and I think I might have some unintentional duplicates. Plus a lot are in TGA format and I prefer PNG so I can preview it more easily, and I want to have them sorted out so I know which ones are missing which reflection maps.
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I was right about Aunt Flo, as little dog Spot had made an appearance right after my last post. Between that and my sleep schedule already being wonky for whatever reasons, I've had a few days now of feeling off-balance and like nothing was done. I have been moving some files around, doing some refresher reading for plot stuff, and finally quit procrastinating on that Abby doll's tattoos, but it still all feels like not enough.

This morning I was up at 6am, after getting up at 10 or 11 the last couple of days. I think I almost preferred it when my schedule rolled forward an hour or two each day... it was at least somewhat predictable. Going to try to get through the daily stuff before noon and see if I can make a better go of it today... tho I already expect lag because Windows wants a reboot, and I also need to get a shower in now that I'm back down to mostly Little Dog Spot.
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Ok, so, this morning I get up at 7am. I have no idea what's going on with my schedule now. The last three hours have kind of blurred by, but I definitely want to get my surveys and most dailies done by noon this time. I also didn't get a shower yesterday, so need to find the time for that today. I'm feeling kind of lightly crampy, so I have a bad feeling if I miss that today Aunt Flo will interfere.

Yesterday was, as I expected, mostly a wash. I didn't seem to get anything done beyond a bit of cleaning in my room... I need to reorganize the shelves again. Not enough space for anything in here. Anyhow, best hit the surveys hard and then try to get a shower, and see if I can do better today.
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Thus far today has not been a good day. And thing seemed off yesterday too. I somehow got the feeling I got less done than on the day when the power was out. Today I got a late start on things and here it is 1pm and my daily stuff isn't even done yet (barely started, even). Part was just getting distracted by diet stuff and the Evil Overlord pestering me as soon as I was awake wanting chicken fries and suggesting making things better on that front by cutting pizza into larger slices... Other than that it (like most things) does Not work the way she insists (bigger slice=more calories. Calories per slice does not magically stay the same regardless of the size of the slice), this is not meant to be a game of 'see how many ways you can cheat the system'. You can't count doing dishes as the same as jumping jacks on the grounds that 'doing dishes IS exercise for me!'...

One upside to yesterday was I realized I actually had half the number of images from that one project to rename as I thought, due to having somehow made duplicates of every pic in the file. So there's only about 600 to go. Got a little done on that, a little on Unity... one thing that made the day frustrating was finding out that none of the free textures I've collected over time are really pre-scaled to work with a 1 meter modular building system. (I end up with things like tiny little mini bricks). So I'll either have to make all my own textures or edit those. And fiddling with it took up a bigger chunk of time than I would have liked.

And today's already turning into a wash, just because I thought I'd almost kicked the non-24 thing. Days in a row of a 6-7ish wakeup and an 8pm bedtime... and then I wasn't up until 10 this morning. I'm kind of hoping it's just PMS, but either way I'm starting off behind. And I keep making typos I need to fix. (Probably sign I need to trim my fingernails.)

And the strap on the corset I wear around the house broke and had to be fixed (plastic jump ring replaced with metal one), another delay in getting the day started. I don't wear the thing for any stupid/dangerous 'waist training' stuff, btw. It's cause I'm a friggin DD or maybe E-cup (I've never been sure, it's hard to measure well when they're this big), and only 5 ft tall, and no bra has ever provided enough support to prevent neck/shoulder/back pain. A short corset does that.

Mattel finally emailed me saying they shipped the doll that they somehow forgot to include in the order I made with them and which I had to contact customer service and request be 'reshipped'... only the email doesn't specify it past being a Fashionista, and the website doesn't admit to any open orders attached to my email, so given their record so far I'm half-dreading they won't have shipped the right doll.

And I'm tempted to just call today a day off and delete at least some of the surveys. I need to squeeze in a shower too. And I have less than 7 hours left unless I want to say screw it to this latest attempt to have a schedule.
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Ok, the electric was off from around 10am to around 2pm yesterday, so that made for a chunk of time when I could get almost nothing done - this old laptop's battery went bad ages ago and had to be removed because of the heat it was putting off (tho thankfully having a surge protector/battery backup system for my electronics gave me the time to shut everything down), and the tablet is, as I've said, essentially a fancy clock with timer and note functions. Can't even clean my room in the dark (and no windows in my room to provide light that way). I spent most of the time just walking back and forth in the hall, and timing it so I could count it off as exercise.

Even with that, I still got my surveys done, got a bit done in Unity (so far going modular is working out well for building, kind of itching to get back to that), and got some more done on the skin tone research. Which currently consists of renaming a lot of pictures.

Someone online is doing this huge project thing where they're classifying real people by Pantone colors... (results so far can be found here: http://humanae.tumblr.com/ ) I think it's meant to be some kind of sociological statement about race, but I was really only there to swipe a ton of the images. I'm renaming them according to hue and depth of color for an organizational system I can make better use of to eventually chart out the range of real human skin tones regardless of any racial information, and use that to make a complete range of skins for MakeHuman. I currently have 49 renamed... and about 1200 to go. But it's a start.

And after that I get to attempt the same with eye colors. And then hair.

I also got a few tv eps caught up and some more sorting on the sewing patterns. Not bad for a day where I lost a few hours of time to a power outage.

And now it's off to get dailies and surveys done, hopefully by noon, so I can spend the rest of the day on other stuff.
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Woke up a little earlier today due to a sinus headache of the sort that clears up as soon as I'm sitting up.

I'm starting to debate whether I should try to find time to do this before bed or not. The thing is, by the next day, my memories of what I did the previous one get a little fuzzy. I did get my dailies wrapped up... though with some delay. Partly because the Evil Overlord's inversion table arrived. Mostly because I spent the morning distracted with that calorie counting site trying to figure out if it was possible to meet food pyramid guidelines while staying under counts for calories, cholesterol, and all those other things (and getting enough protein and such). Let's just say that's still a work in progress.

I also booted up Unity, and did get a start on buildings... though a little less than I'd have liked as I ended up messing with skyboxes. I also transferred some more files to MakeHuman (and still not done), but the first model there is just about ready - if you discount that I still don't have the skin textures I want to use done, or the ones for eyes, or the hair model and textures, or the clothes. But since all of those would likely be attached to the main mesh in Unity (because I'd like the hairstyles and clothes to be swappable) or could be retextured in it easily, the main mesh is pretty much done. I still want to finish up the other stuff before exporting the model though - or at least the skins and eye textures.

One thing that's holding those up is a long study of all the RL colors involved, and the genetics behind each for later.

Only got one TV ep watched, so there's a bit of backlog there. And I am rapidly running out of HD space (again) so time to do some cleanup.

Oh, yes, and the bathroom scale arrived. I weigh less than I thought (yay!), which is still 134lbs. Given that I'm only 5 ft tall, I'd still like to shed a little of that (tho I doubt I can get back down to the 120 that was my consistent weight without even trying... until I turned 30).

Let's see... anything else... Oh, yeah. Woke up to a chilly room and found out the little space heater has been just blowing cold air for who knows how long. Good thing it's spring (tho the Evil Overlord making me keep my room 80 degrees all winter means I get a chill with temps in the 70's 9.9) And one advantage to typing this as I wake up is that it seems to take just enough time for me to start considering breakfast. That and it would be helpful as far as jotting down any potentially useful dreams before I forget bits. Let's face it, my real life is far more boring compared to some of those (which is likely why I have trouble remembering details)... so mornings it stays for now.
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Got distracted and almost forgot this thing again. Yesterday was another fairly productive day, but it was also raining so I only got one round of steps on the stepstool done instead of up and down the outside stairs. Got one tv show out of the backlog watched while doing that, tho. Got daily stuff done (surveys, khan academy, duolingo, RP, care2 clickthroughs, checking rss feeds, all that stuff), moved more stuff to the MakeHuman folders, another little bit on tree transfer. Rearranged some files trying to clear up HD space... I really should try to make more of a dent in that today if I want to have the room to get anything else done. Or maybe this time I'll boot up Unity and finally get to making that modular building system I want to do. After the daily stuff, that is.
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Ok, yesterday got to be a busy day. For some reason, the packages did not arrive until very nearly 8pm... and the whole time we're waiting for them I can't really start anything that would be awkward to have to stop suddenly and go carry boxes in, so that had an effect on things.

Also, most of the day some guys from the water company were next to the house with one of those little mini backhoe things, trying to fix where our literally trashy neighbors dumped a broken CRT television in a busted sewer pipe or something. Strangers make me nervous, so I only got one set of walking up and down the stairs for five minutes in, while they were gone.

On the upside, I got all my daily surveys done even tho I had 20 of the darned things. I finally got the carrot bed reseeded. Got a little done on the tree, tho not on the timeline. Moved more files into MakeHuman and made sure I had the credit and licensing info saved regarding each. (Most are CC0, so no worries, but I did want to be sure). Didn't get any TV eps in, and still procrastinating on doll tattoos (tho at least I had a good excuse for the day, as painting is not something you want to drop halfway through and risk dried paint ruining an expensive $6 miniature painting brush)

And now I'm trying to see how much of my usual daily repeating stuff I can get done before noon, so I can spend the time after noon doing a little more on everything else. :)
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And here comes another day! I didn't have any more net trouble after that one bit, which was good. I'm still (and now admittedly) procrastinating on Abby's tattoo's, because I really have the bad feeling they're just going to rub off. I should at least try to do the shoulder angels today as a test. Again no work on the timeline or tree yesterday, as I spent most of it catching up on vids, doing the massive first-stage re-organization of doll sewing patterns I've saved over the years, and adding user-generated-content freebies for MakeHuman to its directory (aka clothes and hair, and not quite enough decent ones of either).

Already had one surprise after breakfast today, namely the surreal experience of having a cat request a bath. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that one, but there's absolutely nothing else Smokey would associate the bathroom with, and she stood by the doorway and cried until we bathed her. She hates being in the plastic bin, she hates the water, but apparently she's smart enough to know it helps with the fleas that for some reason love the taste of her.

Also got some of the Walmart shopping in the mail yesterday. Four boxes. One was just toilet paper, one just a big bag of cat food, one misc other stuff, and one where they AGAIN packed chips in the same box with a 25lb bag of cat food. This is a chronic problem with them, and I'm lucky the Frito bag didn't actually burst open like potato chips have in the past. We've actually tried to order the cat food and heavy cans on separate orders from crushable items and still have the arrive together if the orders aren't far enough apart. The Evil Overlord insisted on complaining to them again (complaining is her favorite hobby). I think it's going to be more useful wriggling our orders so we order all the cat food in the middle of the month, two weeks after anything that could squish. Let's see them mix it up then!

So, plans for today... I know there are more packages coming... if I can get my surveys and RP done, and more of what I worked on yesterday, that would be good. Better if I could get my brain in the right state for writing, or put more info in the tree or timeline. Or, well.. I'll just have to see.

One other odd note: I don't know if this is related to a few shifts in diet, or the going outside and walking up and down the steps (and thus actually being exposed to daylight), but my sleeping schedule has gone all wonky. I don't know if it's going to clear up the non-24 thing... and night before last I only slept 6 hours, while I was out for nearly 12 last night. I'll probably have to wait and see. I kind of hope it does, because being able to keep a schedule would mean I could actually allot a certain time in the day to work on various things listed above and make little dents in each...
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As usual after a Bank/Sheetz day, I didn't get a whole lot done with what was left of it. Though I did decide to switch over to MakeHuman's stable nightly build instead of the stable/official finished version. Had to make some unexpected tweeks to the model I was working on as a result, but it's got better features and more textures. I'll still need to add some of my own along the way.

So, what's up for today? Well, got the usual everyday surveys, OldReader check-in, Dollieh Sanctuary, emails... I'm tempted to go ahead and watch the darn TV shows first before any of them time out on me. It wouldn't be a problem if I had a second screen (or a tablet that could recognize an internet connection when it's less than a foot from the router), but as is, I kind of prefer to take my surveys in fullscreen. I get them done faster that way.

I have to get the Evil Overlord up in an hour. There are supposed to be packages today. It might be a good idea to get to the tattoos on her Abby doll soon, but I'm still honestly not sure the acrylic paint will stick to the hard vinyl body. Still haven't felt like bothering with the carrot bed, partly because I'm not sure if I can eat the darned things any more. (Not because of the diet thing, because of chronic tooth issues.)

I've been moving files around again, trying to get that a little more organized. And of course I'd love to make a dent in the timeline or tree. Playing with MakeHuman is being just a tad too fun to do either of those again just yet, though... so odds are it'll be surveys, rps, videos, and fiddling with that some more. And maybe opening Unity up again and getting a smidge more done there. I still need to put together some kind of modular building system that will work for me. Oh, yes, and I definitely should try to find time to work on the sewing pattern situation a bit... I have a lot of dolls that need more character-appropriate clothing.

... that is, if I can get anything online done. Having an Erratic Internet day. There's also an unfamiliar network showing up on my connection tray. (No, I'm not stupid enough to connect to it.) It's possible the nearby Pilot truck stop or something else nearby has boosted their signal, which always seems to screw with mine. That's one of the reasons I have plans, should I ever managed to build the Bunker, to mix little balls of aluminum foil in the cement used to fill all the concrete blocks used for the outside walls... It'd make using a cellphone in the place impossible, but the internal wireless security would be worth that IMO. Anyhow, it seems to be working now, so surveys first and then maybe videos if it holds up.
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I didn't end up doing this when I woke up. Partly because I forgot, and partly because I got too busy getting ready for the bank and Sheetz trip. That's done again for a while, tho I'm likely to have to make a second one this month to get milk. Also, Sheetz has started carrying PEARS. There's no card discount for them yet, so I had to pay a whole dollar for one, but... PEAR! It's literally been years since I've had one.

I got rained on on the way back to the house, but not too much. A bit more than drizzle, but nowhere near a soaking. Still, that and the cold wind have managed to give me a little bit of a cough. I'm sure it'll clear up soon-ish. And, if I added it to the page anywhere close to right, the long walk today burned up 274 calories.

I didn't get to any writing, OOAKing, timeline, or 'family tree' database work yesterday... or the carrot bed, or any TV eps... but I did get to spend a good bit of time playing around with MakeHuman, making sure it had a confirmed export-import pipeline for getting content into Unity, adding stuff to it, and working on the first of what will be many models. And getting distracted and going on a web-walkabout regarding eye/hair/skin color genetics and heredity and the need for a better range of textures for the program. But I did get all my daily surveys wrapped, so there was that. Not to mention the stuff that ended up taking up the day instead, which was the remainder of the monthly online orders. Stuff should be arriving over the next few days.

Now to go see if I can get at least my surveys and RP done before I feel like I need to sleep.


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