Still Freaking Windy Thursday

Sep. 21st, 2017 11:20 pm
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What's REALLY annoying is that it looked like it was getting nicer for a short while in the afternoon. . .and then it promptly clouded right back up again. *grumps* The regular mega-gusts knocking open the office windows (my coworkers like to keep them cracked in warmer weather for fresh air) didn't help. But then again, better this than anything like Maria. Cripes, poor Puerto Rico... Very glad she's apparently moving out to sea instead of threatening the US mainland. Florida and Texas were hit hard enough -- the rest of the country needs to be in one piece to help everywhere else. (Don't even get me started on the Mexico quake...)

Some other notes on today:

-->Had a couple instances of things falling on the bookshelves -- my Hallmark Victor ornament took a dive from the very top of the structure (and SURVIVED -- he's now firmly stuck up there with that poster putty Locktite stuff), and my big BTTF Illustrated Visual Guide book tipped over at one point (fortunately NOT destroying the LEGO DeLorean near it -- Mom lent me a bookend and now all is well).

-->Kinda did everything EXCEPT the roster maintenance which is supposed to be our main project at work -- this is what happens when you're a Development Assistant with a lot of little projects. Still, got all of them done and got back on the maintenance before the end of day, so yay me.

-->Paid off my credit card bill, organized my financial papers (mainly paystubs), and booked my road test this afternoon! I've been meaning to do the latter all week, but kept forgetting I needed my permit from the glove compartment (needed the # on it). Test is on 10/23 at 10:45 AM. So I still have a month to practice my skills. I feel decently confident on the road these days, at least. Just hope that holds up during the test itself...

-->All that took up a good chunk of time, so I went with writing on "The Technicolor Phase" instead of "Fixing You." Did the bit where Lizzie gets her first color (yellow) from her newborn sister. Had a number of false starts, but I eventually got the words done how they should go. I actually quite like this little verse now -- I'm looking forward to finishing all the shorts I have in mind and posting them. Hopefully other people will like it too.

-->On that note, finally posted the "Nightmare" Mallow Hallow Snippet to AO3! It is creepy and if you don't like forced undressing by Ruin tentacles and implied past rape, I'd skip it and wait until I do the much nicer wrap-up chapter next week. (Reasons I didn't want to end this thing on THAT chapter...)

-->Having some trouble concentrating and my throat is kind of sore. This could either be PMS woes or the start of a cold, and neither is welcome. -.-

Okay, I really need to get to bed now -- sleep tight all!


Sep. 21st, 2017 02:10 pm
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I only remembered my chiropractor appointment when I got a call telling me it'd been cancelled.

Somewhat Less Frustrating Wednesday

Sep. 20th, 2017 11:22 pm
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There's still all sorts of "fun" problems with the rosters, and other work piling up too (though at least I managed to stay on top of direct debits and credit cards), but not quite as stressful as yesterday. Some of the nicer things that happened today:

-->Traffic in and out wasn't quite as bad -- still heavy in spots, but not the complete clusterfuck it was yesterday afternoon

-->I got a lot done in catching up with a PM waiting in my inbox, and all my other comments drafted over lunch too, yay~

-->Got a little more done on my VictorLuvsAlice queue, and some more drafted posts waiting in the wings besides

-->Somebody I haven't talked to in a while has reappeared in my life, so that's nice~

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- went over Nell wanting Victor and Alice to have an "event" wedding, and some of Victor's complicated feels on the whole thing (because he WANTS to marry Alice, he really does, he just -- remembers how badly it all went the last two times he tried wedding someone, and his feeling that, as long as he's "lusting" after Alice, he doesn't deserve to marry her...). Good addition to the chapter, I think.

-->Got some fanfic too! My friend Nebby posted Part 1 of her multiverse Valice "Beauty And The Beast" AU! It's a very fun little beginning, and inspired something for my Song Saturday, which is always nice. :) And it's just nice to see other Valice stuff besides mine. I hunger for content~

So yeah, even with my job still being kind of a pain at the moment, week is taking a bit of an upswing. Now we just have to see what the weather holds. . . Right this moment, though, I have one last thing to post, and then a bed to get to. Night all!


Sep. 20th, 2017 11:58 am
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Ze laundry is drying.

Really Annoying Tuesday

Sep. 19th, 2017 11:34 pm
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From spending longer than I wanted doing pledge billing this morning (and worrying it's going to be a mild clusterfuck again this month), to getting stressed out over CAP stuff, to having to fiddle like crazy with a roster that apparently CANNOT be sent in the right format, so I'm going to have to try and make do with what we've got, to the traffic getting WRETCHED the minute I pulled out of work (thanks to a cop having pulled over a tractor trailer and everyone needing to gawk, holding up the line) -- it's just not been a great day. *sigh* Even the weather was pretty dull and icky. At least Jose has fallen apart enough that we shouldn't be getting anything too horrible. Not much rain, and only a little wind. I'll take it.

On the positive side, managed to get another chunk done on "Fixing You" -- this tea party with Nell and William is going in a completely different direction than before. Probably for the best, though -- it's cutting out a lot of unnecessary bits. Edit edit edit~ I also added onto my main tumblr queue, and got the one for Valice Multiverse done. So I've got that going for me. Just gotta post responses to two DW comments and I'm set for the night. Even found the time to watch a few WhatCulture videos, which is always amusing. :)

Right now, though, I'm running out of time to get a decent amount of sleep, so time to wrap things up online. Night all!


Sep. 19th, 2017 11:38 am
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I mean, I know it's gotta get done. We have to keep our database up to date for a variety of reasons. It's just kind of boring and irritating. Mostly because no one follows the format we've sent out for their files. Which means me and my coworker have to spend ages trying to clean them up. Grrr... Happily my supervisor is willing to help out with the whole mess, but still. This is not going to be a fun ride. At least I got a high five from one of my bosses for getting an e-mail reminding people to send their files in by the end of the week to work...

Weather was fairly gloomy today -- we're getting whatever Jose decides to shove at us over the next few days. Which hopefully is just some rain and wind... Hurricane Maria is already causing new terrors down in the Caribbean. I feel so sorry for all those people. I'm not entirely sure there's going to be a Caribbean LEFT once hurricane season is over. :(

On a more personal note, got some more written/edited on "Fixing You" -- into the tea party proper with Nell and William. Slicing here, dicing there, rewriting everywhere~ It's all coming together, slowly but surely. I also got a little more of my VictorLuvsAlice queue done -- good thing I was a day ahead on my Sims playing thanks to the previous week's long weekend! And I caught up with all my websites and such. Typical Monday stuff, honestly. Guess I can't complain.

And now that I am all caught up on everything, I should hit the sheets. Night all, sleep tight!


Sep. 18th, 2017 05:51 pm
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Good organic, flavoured brown rice cakes make lovely sammich filling when the outsides are thick sliced roast beef. I had that for a second half to my lunch today. The first half, taken about an hour before, was hibiscus green tea, iced and with lots of tapioca bubbles.

It was so nice to be able to wear a necklace without it catching on anything.
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Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday -- I spent pretty much my entire Saturday finishing up my room and shelves, and when I finally got to the website to update you all, I kept getting 504 Gateway timeout errors. Finally just gave up and kept watching OutsideXBox videos. As you do.

But yeah, Saturday turned into "Let's Finish This Room Day!" I wasn't expecting it to take so long, but -- well, I have a lot of stuff. Mostly a LOT of Minimates. Mom and I are pretty sure I own every BTTF one they ever made. And we ran into some delays too, such as:

-->Me trying to figure out where the heck to put all the old packaging (finally remembered "Oh hey I have drawers under my bed!" and stuffed them all in there -- SO MUCH FLOOR SPACE now, it's amazing)

-->My small Maudeline Everglot toy statue breaking when we moved it (her head's always been wobbly and falling out, but this time the head broke off the little neck stump you insert into the body! Cue Mom fiddling around with bits of pins and nail glue to force her head to go back on. Succeeded in the end, but what a bitch to pull off!)

-->Fixing my curtain rod (it was taped together because the dowel Mom picked was just a TINY bit too short to reach all the way -- we ended up cutting another rod and making a sort of sleeve to go over the short end and get it stabilized)

-->Running to Wal-Mart to pick up some poster putty for the Minimates (and a new window shade to replace a broken one in my room). If you're unfamiliar with poster putty, it's a putty, kind of feels like chewing gum, that you can roll into shapes and use to stick up posters to walls. Mom googled it and found people recommending it to hold Minimates in place. I can attest to its strength -- I have a ghost Minimates from one of my Ghostbuster sets hanging from a shelf CEILING.

But despite all this, and the fact we kept having to move shit to fit in more shit, we finally got it all put up! Here's my tumblr post with pictures! (It's easier to link you to that rather than deal with a hosting website.) I'm very proud of it all. :D Long Saturday, but good Saturday.

Of course, that means I had to spend today catching up on videos and such. Fortunately, I didn't have too much, but Helloween did post a couple of very long sets of Zelda and Secret of Mana. Good stuff, but hard to fit in! Darkwood also remains terrifying (Helloween died for the first time thanks to a savage man with a shadowy friend -- fortunately death isn't permanent in this game). . .

But not as terrifying as Twilight Fields in the Medical Pavilion in BioShock! D: I finally got a chance to go back and melt the ice there and pick up some of the goodies I missed (after finally properly holding off the horde in Langford's office -- died once, but there's a Vitachamber right inside, so. . .) -- but I wasn't expecting it to be so CREEPY! Especially in one bit where you can see a Dr. Grossman Splicer's shadow mutilating a corpse around a corner, so you head over with gun at the ready to get him -- and then it goes PITCH BLACK just as you reach the stairs at the corner, so you back off, and then the lights come back on, but they're flickering -- and the doctor's GONE. Nowhere to be found near that corpse. Fortunately, I was expecting an ambush, so when he showed up again out of a cold storage locker, I was prepared to kill him, but DAMN. That's the spookiest the game has ever been! Fort Frolic isn't much better -- just a few minutes into this "artiste's" domain, and already I'm on-edge. Bastard is creepy as hell, and knowing that I should expect some of his "statues" to still be alive doesn't help the fear factor. Yikes.

Well, on that lovely note, I really have to go to bed -- regular work week this week, bleh. Hope you guys had a good weekend! Night all, sleep tight!


Sep. 17th, 2017 01:57 pm
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So, I can't take a shower all week because I'm not sure someone isn't going to want into the apartment. Decide that today I will take the shower, when no workmen will knock on the door! Jump in the shower and get ready to turn on the water.

And someone knocks on the door.


Sep. 16th, 2017 04:04 pm
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I think I said some stupid things today. Didn't mean to.

Also, one of the ladies brought a small bag of little balls of leftover yarn, and she's a lady who has talked to me about the braided and crochet dolls that I make. So I took the little ball of brown yarn and made her a curly hair braided doll with a tail, about a foot tall. I gave it to her as she was listening to the sermon ("here's some of your yarn back"), and I really expected her to regift it or something like that. Instead, she was carrying it around after church, commenting on the intricacy of construction, fiddling with it, and asking me what the doll's name is. And, after I told her that the name is the mom's job, planning to ask her daughter about names that some of their African born members in Ottawa have, because her doll is brown.

Not Quite Done With Shelves

Sep. 15th, 2017 11:40 pm
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Although it's for a good reason -- Mom decided to research the best stuff to sticking Minimates to a shelf so they'll stay in place, and she found something that can be bought at Wal-Mart! So we're going up there tomorrow to pick some up. After that, it's just actually sticking the Minimates into position, touching up what's left of the paint scratches, maybe rearranging a last item or two, and then pictures! And my room will be pretty much Officially Done! About time after two months. . .

Not too much else to report on for today. It looked like it was going to rain earlier, but it cleared up into being pretty sunny. And kinda muggy -- seriously, the past couple of days have felt more like summer than most of summer. Made it hard to sleep comfortably too :( Tonight's a little better, and I have the giant fan that usually lives in the living room, so that helps. Still, I'll be glad when it cools down and dries out a bit again. Which -- probably won't be for a while, as the latest track for Jose has him at least winging us. . . I know it's not going to be nearly as bad as Irma and Harvey, but still. No more hurricanes, plskthx

Writing today consisted of finishing up revisions on that AU piece so I can post it on tumblr this upcoming Thursday. The action scene was an absolute BITCH to get right -- the clip it's based on happens SO FREAKING FAST. Some things are just hard to translate into words. Especially when you're an author who specializes in people having silly conversations and engaging in introspection. I think I pounded it into an acceptable shape, though. I guess we'll see what everyone thinks when they actually read it.

Most of the rest of the evening has been spent catching up on various websites, especially tumblr (BUSY day today on there -- complete freaking opposite of yesterday). I'm all well-read and ready for the weekend! Well, almost -- got queues to do for Valice Multiverse and main tumblr, and some PMs to answer. But hey, that's pretty much every Friday night, and it's not like I have to get up super early. So yeah -- off to start on all of that. Night all!


Sep. 15th, 2017 01:01 pm
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Got some handwriting work done this morning!


Sep. 14th, 2017 11:30 pm
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Yup, they're finally officially up! Bolted to the wall and everything! It actually all looks pretty cool. Mom and I started unpacking all the boxes in my room and putting stuff up this evening -- I took a whack at it myself before supper, but ended up needing the help just thanks to there being SO MUCH stuff to put away. (We haven't even started on the vast collection of Minimates yet.) It's not fully done yet, but hopefully by tomorrow everything will be in place. Would be nice to finally be able to have everything OUT and get all these damn boxes out of my room.

Unfortunately, this does mean that I didn't have any time to write today. :( However, as if in anticipation, my tumblr dashboard was REALLY quiet -- so quiet, in fact, I went ahead and got my Friday queue ready. So I didn't have to worry about that. And the Valice Multiverse queue was almost entirely stuff I'd prewritten replies to at work, so -- yeah, that all worked out at least. Small steps, small steps.

Right now, though, I need to wrap up what I'm doing and get to bed. Friday's another work day, and I've got a semi-busy weekend ahead. (Touching up my room's paint, and Mom's going on about throw pillows now. . .) At least I'm ahead on most videos -- though it looks like the end of The Sim Supply's Parenthood series might be up soon. Need to block out some time to watch that. :) As it stands, good night!


Sep. 14th, 2017 01:13 pm
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Got hold of Capital Housing.

The little round bandage left a red mark on my neck, so I've just left all bandages off on that area. The scars aren't bleeding or red. They're just little white dents on the skin. It's two of the ones on my chest that are still being divas. Ironically, the cherry angioma that isn't causing any trouble, and appears to be already all healed up. Those things are made of blood vessels, so I expected IT to cause the most trouble.

Shelves Version 1.0!

Sep. 13th, 2017 11:26 pm
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Yup, they're up! Technically -- the headboard part of the whole mess still needs to be put up, and the shelves bolted into -- well, I'm not sure. The floor? The wall? My bed? At any rate, while they're staying up, they apparently need a little extra stabilization. Also the nightstand shelf needs to be put on too. But at least there are actual shelves in my room! And hopefully by tomorrow, Friday at the latest, I can put my stuff on them.

Mom and I actually went to get the fabric for the headboard part after work today. Took a while to find something we actually liked -- decent purple fabric was in short supply, as was decent gray fabric. But we managed to get something in the end, along with foam bits and batting. (Mom wants to make it cushy.) She drove us up to the fabric place, but I drove us back -- mainly by going straight up the road. Turns out the fabric place is a lot closer to our new house than I thought -- I was expecting a hell of a drive! (Which, actually, I sort of got. . .traffic was awful and I had to scoot really close to the car in front of me twice while going through intersections in order not to block the cross-lanes.) So that's kind of nice. Still threw off my afternoon routine, though -- no "Fixing You." I instead opted to edit a story snippet that I was thinking of posting for AU Thursday on my blog.

And then I had to CLAW my way through the tumblr dash backlog because of how much people were posting. Good thing I already had one post in the queue, and an appropriate reblog sitting in drafts. Dunno what I'm gonna do for Friday, but I should have a little more time to figure it out tomorrow night. (I hope. . .)

As it stands, I need to get to sleep tonight for another day at work tomorrow. Night all, sleep tight!


Sep. 13th, 2017 01:27 pm
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Tried to call Capital Region Housing about the door buzzer not working, but they're closed on the second and third Wednesday of every month. I tried calling them yesterday, too, but the phone battery decided it needed charging before anyone picked up.

blood warning

Changed the dressings on the places where the moles had been, and the one on the left side of my lower chest started running blood the moment I took the bandage off. Gross. Also, those little round bandages that you get in some assortment boxes are perfect for smaller mole removal sites.

Welp, Not The Tuesday I Anticipated

Sep. 12th, 2017 11:28 pm
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But then, that's what happens when you wake up and discover your mother with the "oh damn they've been fighting again" face. Over my bookcases no less -- apparently Dad didn't realize the plan called for some special middle shelves. It all got hashed out, but it resulted in more boards needing to be cut and stained, a process that takes a while (especially for drying), so no bookcases, and no going up to the fabric place to pick out fabric for the headboard.

Ah well -- it was still a pretty good Tuesday despite that. Very low-key compared to yesterday, but I got pretty much everything on my to-do list done:

-->Wrote some more on "Fixing You" -- Victor vs the Burtonsville mob (they're, ah, not happy to see him in the village). Got a chance to use some more Victorian slang, which is always a plus. Now he, Alice, and Fixxler just have to survive tea with his parents. Fun.

-->Caught up on my remaining videos -- Linkara (the first two issues of "Ultimate Iron Man," which -- don't feel like Iron Man comics AT ALL (Tony's not even in the first one! It's all about his father and mother, and stupid gene experiments), and even in-universe were eventually retconned as a stupid TV show); Outside XBox (fun gaming stuff, as usual); and Helloween (more Darkwood -- he has ventured briefly into the Silent Forest and survived another night of monsters! Not without a lot of anxious whimpering, though XD).

-->Played BioShock -- I've gotten my Insect Swarm plasmid (still looks creepy, but fortunately it's not too bad in-game), made the Lazarus Vector, just barely survived a robot assault on my person by the fucker that is Andrew Ryan, and am parked in the lab about to spray the vector all over the dying trees. I've actually played past that point, but what happens is Splicers all coming out of nowhere, Atlas yelling at me to block some door, and me upsetting a local Big Daddy and getting myself killed. It's all very frustrating. >( At least I'll have a couple of days to ponder it and refine my strategy. And figure out how to block the door I'm supposed to block.

-->Made my muffins -- breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all.

-->Caught up on both tumblrs and did my queues.

And I was able to fit in the time to get a frozen hot chocolate from the local Dunkin. :) So all in all, pretty good day.

And I've got work tomorrow, so I'd better wrap it up here. Night all, sleep tight!


Sep. 12th, 2017 04:06 pm
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I picked up the Cinderella novel today. There are twin princes in it, and one is named Raoul. He's an alright kid, for a Raoul.

I was going to shower, but now I have to wait till the guy comes to put the towel bar back up. Maybe I'll wait till tomorrow, since at least one of the mole sites is still bleeding a little.

MiniGolf Monday

Sep. 11th, 2017 11:13 pm
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Off to Cape Cod today for our minigolf tour. Unfortunately, one of the places we planned to visit, Harbor Lights, was closed, but we were able to do the other three stops on our list. In order:

-->Cape Escape Adventure Golf: The farthest away in Orleans, MA, and probably the one with the simplest set-up. Fairly basic course with some tricky holes and nice scenery -- one big lake with a fake boat drifting around on it, and another big pool with fountains and a ton of koi fish (who immediately came up to us as we passed -- I think they're used to "people = food"). The quietest of the three we went to, despite us arriving around 11:00. Mom and Dad were a little "meh" on the course -- I liked it simply because I managed three holes-in-one. XD

-->Skull Island: A repeat for us. I believe I talked about it last year, but as a refresher, it's a tropical island-themed course with lots of plastic wildlife, grass huts, and (of course) a giant skull. Also one pirate-looking kid on a high lookout. Kinda busy, with one group of six who kindly let us go before them because they knew they were going to take a while on each hole. Fun stuff, as it was last year, and I got another hole-in-one here.

-->Pirate's Cove: The other repeat from last year (actually, a double repeat, as we went back last year to do the other side -- it's two courses in one). Again, refresher -- pirate-themed double-course (Captain's and Blackbeard's), with lots of stuff to look at (a half-sunken ship, a whole one, lots of pirate dummies), sound effects, and fun pirate facts on every hole. This is easily our favorite thanks to the complexity. Also everyone else's favorite -- this was definitely the busiest of the three. No holes in one for me here, sadly. Though I still finished off the day by having the most.

After all that, we headed over to Lindsey's Family Restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner. My parents had the seafood bisque and clam cakes (though I ate one of the latter), and I had some of their homemade root beer (tasted fine, though Mom was puzzled that it wasn't super-fizzy, as that is apparently a hallmark of homemade soda), and some BBQ short ribs baked into mac and cheese (did not know that could taste so good! Seriously, really cheesy, and the meat was super tender). And that filled us up for the ride back home. All in all, a really nice day out. :) I'm glad the weather cooperated -- it was seriously gorgeous out. Sunny, low 80s, just a perfect day for this sort of thing.

Got home around 4:40 (slightly earlier than a summer workday) -- here's what I've been doing since:

-->Wrote a short for "The Technicolor Phase" (as I wasn't really in a "Fixing You" mood) -- I had a pretty strong idea for Emily getting a color from Barkis, only to learn that "someone important" can also mean "the guy who murders you." Poor girl. . .but I have plans to make this better as the fic goes on through poly shenanigans, so. . . I've also been trying to decide who gets what colors from who, and which ones I want to write about. I mean, Bumby has to give both Lizzie and Alice colors, but I'm not sure which ones. . . This fic was easier when I was focusing on the colors Victor got from his three girls. You just had to expand the prompt out, Vic. . .

-->Went ahead and played some BioShock, since we'd all kind of mutually agreed supper wasn't happening (though we did have ice cream later -- just out of the freezer, though) and I didn't have to worry much about being interrupted. Ended up having a pretty solid play session going through the Farmer's Market. I've found a ton of goodies in various places, picked up a bunch of audio diaries, killed another Big Daddy (though I died once shortly before taking off that last bit of health, then had to track it down and wait for it to get another Little Sister -- that was annoying), slaughtered a bunch of Splicers, and hacked all the things. I am currently holed up with a friendly security camera, TWO friendly security bots (whom I hacked after triggering an alarm), and a friendly turret. ALL HAIL THE SECURITY QUEEN~ Seriously, Winter Blast is so frigging useful for this. . . Anyway, planning to pick up tomorrow with the search for honey samples and distilled water.

-->Caught up on my webcomics, then went to YouTube and discovered, to my delight, that another episode of Parenthood had been uploaded by The Sim Supply! So I went ahead and watched that. Poor James was the epitome of frustration this set, mainly because Max was having all sorts of problems with his needs. Not to mention he had a hell of a time getting Max's designated girlfriend to actually LIKE him. I feel your pain, buddy. *eyes Emmett and Nikal, who happily seem to be past this phase at last* But he succeeded at wooing her in the end. Of course, now his new goal is for her to fall in love with Max's younger brother. . . XD He also managed to tank Emotional Control enough to get the negative trait, though we'll see if it sticks -- it's just BARELY over the line.

-->Caught up on tumblr and did my usual little reblog spree. Rather glad this is one of my nights off the Valice Multiverse! I need that bit of breathing room.

Speaking of breathing room, also glad I took the two days off -- though tomorrow looks to be on the busier side. Mom and I are going to choose some fabric for my new headboard tomorrow, and I think the idea is to get as much of it assembled as possible so we can get it done and out of the way. Trust me, I am all for it. Should still have time for writing, Bioshock, and some YouTube videos, though.

And on that subject, there's one on BioShock's opening level that's calling my name over there. Night all!


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