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Just added titles to a pile of Alliance fics that just needed titles before being added to the website. :) Maybe later today I'll actually do up the HTML for em and add em to the website.

I should probably see if this bout of creativity extends to TF names... There are a few fics holding in editing because of unnamed charas.
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I forgot about this thing for a while.

As for Alliance, temporary hiatus there... my attention has been snagged by another fandom. This is something that has not happened in YEARS...

And it anything this is more 'obscure' than being a TF fan... which means I have a very short list of people to share the current obsession with.

Put in other terms, my headspace has been hijacked by a small band of tempermental marionettes.

If you've ever seen Full Moon's "Puppet Master" movies... THOSE marionettes.

They've been a total distraction since the beginning of the year, and I have not been this enthusiastic about a fandom since Liana made a mess of Alliance...

Anyhow, I'd seen the films years ago, and I really don't know why I've become rampantly obsessed about the series now... but I'm several chapters into a huge fanfic, and have a website subsection up just for the lil guys.

Even if you haven't heard of the films, check it out... Yes, it's low-budget b-horror... but try to track one down and watch it (I reccomend #3)... Or barring that read the reviews I've been doing. You just may be surprised here.

Oh yes:


They're really nice guys once you get past the whole 'killer toys' thing...
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Got another fic edited and on the board... still needs a title. Anyhow, this one's been turned loose WAY out of chronological order, as it's from 2012... but since it's a short scene with mostly Mirage, Hound, and Trailbreaker, it shouldn't be too confusing even with the timeline skip.

Anyhow, it can be found here:


Oh well. Work tommorow, so I can only stay up a li over two more hours at the most. :P But if I'm lucky maybe I can get back in a writy mood tommorow after work. (still same crappy 4-hours-a-week job)

Mirage needed a pet. Really he did...
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I slept through it, that's what. Went to bed in the early AM with a bit of a headache... and when I woke up the clock said it was about 3 or so. Silly me, I thought this was 3pm on Wednesday... Wrong.

3am, Thursday. Whoa. Anyhow, had to go do a lot of running around, and driving and picking up things, etc... so was out and about till noon.

Biggest bummer of the day - the hiring sign at Save-A-Lots was down... and that's the ONLY place I know of in my driving range that was hiring. :P

Anyhow, got home, had a sandwich... and I already feel really sleepy again. :P I may have to just give up and lay back down in a while... darn if I know what's wrong. :P

But, before I do... here's a spoiler and plotbunny laced timeline cheatsheet for the early parts of Alliance, up to our current reworking point...

On Website or On Board should be obvious if you're familiar with Alliance. Plotbunny should be a familiar term as well. Onstage means it's in the list of ones that scenes are being done for at some point or other, and Editing Room means the script version is complete but it needs to be converted to prose.

Descent: The Protoform Project
On Website

Descent: The Stranger
On Website

Descent: Don't Touch That Dial
On Website

Descent: Turn up the Volume (And Yank Off The Knob)
On Website

Descent: It's not Delivery, it's da Maxies
On Website

?????????? (rest of Descent)

(Add Canon eps, explain Shadow Panther, Packrat, and K-9)Plotbunny
BW AU, SEASON 2 (note, may not be in proper order yet)

(Pred Aftermath Plotbunny)

(Add Canon eps, Gate tech SL, events before and after CoH)

On Website
PREHISTORY/PRE-ARK HISTORY (note, may not be in proper order yet)

The Survivor - Introduction
On Website

The Survivor - The Cage
On Website

The Survivor - Welcome to the Jungle
On Website

The Survivor - Only the Fierce
On Website

(Cultural Exchange pt 1)
Editing Room

(Other parts of CE)

Hawks and Doves

(slip in some comic continuity State Games and etc? Divide timeline by command? Autocracy; Council/Megs)

(Story based on pre-dirt nap sections of MTMTE)
(slip in some comic continuity to explain Trannis, Straxus, the Wreckers, etc. Divide timeline by command? Council; Trannis; Straxus)
EARTHFORCE (note, may not be in proper order yet)
Awakening (Corresponds to MTMTE and Issue 1-2 ("Transformers")of the comics)

Power Play (second part MTMTE + UK 3-4)

(third part MTMTE)


Done, On Board

(Dinos 2)

(Yellow Plotbunny)

(Masquerade Scenelet)
Done, On Board

(Green Bunny 1)
Editing Room

(Green Bunny 2)

Visions of Death - Omen
On Website

The Survivor - Friend Find, Look Behind
On Website

The Survivor - I Don't Mean To Rhyme All The Time
On Website

(Firecon Origin)

(Huntress pt 1)

Outrace the Past
On Website

(Huntress pt 2)
Done, On Board

(Huntress pt 3)
Editing Room

(Huntress pt 4)
Done, On Board

(Huntress pt 5)
Done, On Board

Visions of Death - Lament
On Website
2007-11-30 to 2007-12-20
Enemy Territory

2007-12-25 to 2007-12-31
Editing Room

Editing Room
Editing Room

?????????? (Wheelie's rhymes)
Editing Room

?????????? (Loose ends with Windrazor?)

?????????? (Technos and Dinos)

Editing Room


2008-01-12 to 2008-02-01
The Price

?????????? (Troop recall)

2008-??-?? to 2008-02-19(?)
Crash Course (Stunties in Driver's Ed)
Editing Room

Captured Favors
Editing Room

?????????? (Misty)
Editing Room

War Orphans
On Website

2008-03-09 to 2008-03-30
?????????? (Build Team vs Structies)

(Build Team vs Structies)

?????????? (Explosive Plotbunny)

?????????? (Neo-Galvy)

Killing Ground (Gateways, pt 1)

Stray Cat

Through The Gate
Plotbunny (being thickened into series)
And on that note I think I may just give up and sleep... If there's any of these you'd like more info on, just ask
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I know it already. Flipping schedules and all derails anything I try to work on, cause I always feel liek I'm jet-lagged or something. :P

And I'll have to go out on Thursday to take Karen somewhere... and Friday for a frellin morning shift at work... and then Saturday to check the schedule...

It may be a while before I get a decent patch of sleep. :P

Anyhow, here's a few cute clips from a log dated 2/28/2008... It mostly deals with Misty getting released and rebuilt after having wound up in 'Con detainment (like the Combaties were) and takes place not too long into the truce....

Frenzy: *suddenly turns to the birds* Hey! You take that back you overgrown turkey!

Buzzsaw: *squawks and divebombs Frenzy*

Frenzy: *grabs hold and the two tussle a bit....*

Soundwave: *gets up...*

Buzzsaw and Frenzy: *go rollin over the window ledge*

Soundwave: *hurries to ledge, looks down, would seem to be frowning if you figure out his expression.. a bit stern* Frenzy... Buzzsaw... return...

Buzzsaw: *flies in window and back to perch*

Frenzy: Flies up after him, floats in window for a bit* He started it....

Soundwave: *just shakes his head a bit* Inside...

Ratchet: *watching this with some interest... and noticing the way 'Wavy treats his tapes*

Soundwave: *returns to his seat*

Misty: *stirrs slightly*

Rumble: *darts over and climbs up on Soundwave's lap*

Frenzy: Hey! *runs over too, and then gets in a sqabble for lap space... till Soundwave puts em both down and pulls up another coupleof chairs for them to stand on*

Ravage: *purry chuckle*

Ratchet: *smirks* *to 'Wavy* Kids running you ragged?

Soundwave: *bit of a sigh* Activity levels, normal.... (ie - they do this all the time)

Ratchet: *chuckles* My condolences.

--Why Autobots Don't Usually Visit Vilnacron, Even WITH a Truce--
Dove: *to Ratch* How'd you get up here anyway, use the freight elevator?

Ratchet: *very long pause* ...elevator?

Rumble and Frenzy: *snicker*

Laserbeak: *amused squawk*

Buzzsaw: *falls backwards off his perch, squawk-giggling*

Soundwave: *somewhat disappriving look at the cassettes, but can't manage to be too stern as he's tryin not to chuckle himself*

Ratchet: *sighs* *to Dove* No. I used the stairs... Primus, so many stairs...

Dove: Ah didn't even know there were stairs....

Ratchet: *smirk* Of course not. You can fly, remember?
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Gotta stay up for two more hours to do the nessasary shedule flip...

Anyhow.... here are spoilers from Reunions, which takes place right after the untitled log that I just posted bits from, and covers what happens when those fellows get back to Autobot City...

--You wouldn't believe the chara fight over who got that line...--
Metroplex: Attention! Anomoly detected. Bringing visual on screen....

Jazz: What the...? Aw, man, Metro! And I was almost off duty too. *looks over at the screen*

* Optimus and Magnus pause their conversation, waiting for the report from Jazz and Goldbug*

Jazz: Uh, Prime, you're not gonna believe this. . . .

Goldbug: *tries to peek past Jazz to look, just stares*

Optimus: And what's that?

Jazz: *turns to Prime, completely with a straight face* I see dead people.

--Teritorial Dispute?--
The wall com chimed. First Aid started for it, but Ratchet was closer. He slapped First Aid's hand away from the reply button and hit it himself. "Hello?"

"Ratchet? This is Prowl," Prowl said over the comm. "I'm in the records room. Perceptor is unconscious..."

"What happened?"

"He... well... he saw me and fainted..."

Beachcomber suppressed a chuckle.

"Just leave him alone a while and he'll be fine then..," Ratchet said. "Maybe you should look up those records in your quarters. It'll give you something to do while you unpack."

"How long do you think it will be before this sort of reaction stops occurring?" Prowl asked.

"I'm not sure... I've found a few things in the medilab I'll need to do something about myself."

"Be seeing you later then," Prowl said.

"Yeah, see ya," Ratchet said, switching off the comm and debating just what to do to First Aid and his pet lamp.

Grimmy: *headed down the hall with Slag*

WJ: *headed for the Romper Room, studying a datapadd rather intently*

Grimmy: *sees Wheeljack and blinks for a second*

Slag: *freezes* Slag: *looks... hurt* *growls a lil, quietly, to Grimmy* Autobots go too far this time. No should joke about this....

Grimmy: *runs up to WJ, picks him up, tosses him over his shoulder fireman style, and starts for the Romper Room at full run.

WJ: Ack! 'ey! Grimlock?

Slag: *stampedes after him*
Slag: *still suspicious it's a joke or worse* Grimlock! *chasing*

Snarl: *in Romper Room, 'guarding' Swoop and Sludge*

WJ: Grimlock, what'erya doin?

"Take you to Romper Room!" the Dinobot leader replied, not slowing down.

"Well, okay, good... I was heading that way myself," Wheeljack said, bouncing helplessly. "But, um, really, Grimmy, I can walk. All new body and everything... fully functional even!"

"Grimlock! Wait!" Slag protested, still chasing the other Dinobot. "What if Autobot trick! No... no can be Wheeljack."

"I am Wheeljack! Slag, honest!" Wheeljack managed to say, between bounces. "Grim, would you please put me down now?"

"No can be Wheeljack..," Slag insisted, looking more hurt than anyone usually saw him look. "Wheeljack... gone..." Slag sat down for a moment in the hall, annoyed at himself for not being able to hide how much this was upsetting him, but made himself get back up and continue to chase Grimlock.

--Don think they believed this at first...--
"It's not a joke, Slag. Primus, I know the Autobots didn't always treat you so well, but it'd never get that bad..."

"Has," Slag growled.

"I... I can't believe that..."

"Believe," Grimlock said. "Explain. Now!"

Snarl, meanwhile, edged closer to Wheeljack. Moving as though he were half sleepwalking, the stegosaurus sniffled at Wheeljack as if in imitation of a large, and confused, puppy.

--The Dinos have had it bad...--
Snarl: *sniffles at Wheeljack some more.... then just flops down beside him like a big puppy and starts crying (quietly)*

Wheeljack: *hunkers down and hugs Snarl* It's okay...it's really me, son...I swear it on my eternal spark...

"Autobot trick bother Swoop," Slag growled to Grimlock. "Him not moving again..."

Swoop: *sways a little back and forth* Can't be....

Snarl: *snuggles like a big Dino-puppy*

Wheeljack: *still hugging Snarl, albeit a little awkwardly* I'm so sorry, son....

Snarl: *very quiet* us miss you....

Slag: *uncertain look, a lil wary... moves a lil closer to Wheeljack*

Wheeljack: I missed you too, Snarl. All of you....

Grimlock: Is real?

"Nobody miss Slag," Slag grumbled. "Slag just mean stupid Dino..."

Snarl: *snuggled as much as is reasonably comfortable, considering he's still in Dino mode*

Wheeljack: I missed you, Slag. And you are not just a mean stupid Dino...!

"Tell that to Autobots," Slag said, moving a bit closer. He sniffled at Wheeljack hesitantly.

Swoop: *rushes forward, pushing past Slag to more or less glomp on Wheeljack and sob silently*

Wheeljack: I p--gack! *gets glomped*

Slag: *curls around and joins the Dino-pile*

Wheeljack: *just barely manages to move enough to look at Grimlock* It was really this bad?

Grimlock: *nods* Was...

Wheeljack: Dear Primus below..... *hugs Snarl, Slag, and Swoop as best he can*

Sludge: *drops down to dino mode with a reverberating thunk and nuzzles Wheeljack right in the face*

--Best Call The Other Daddy--
Slag: *curled near Wheeljack, guarding him... nervous and confused... almost jumps when the door opens*

Ratchet: *notices sobby Dino pile right off....*

Grimlock: *turns and, seeing Ratchet, picks him up in a big hug*

Ratchet: Ooof! *grins a lil and hugs back*

Grimlock: Miss you....

Sludge: *goes over and nuzzles Ratchet in the face* *to Grimmy* Set him down now?

--Wheeljack and Ratch are grampas!--
Wheeljack: *suddenly realizing something* Grimlock, who's "they"?

Grimlock: What mean?

Wheeljack: You and Sludge kept talking about a "they" . . . "they" should be here . . . "they" are coming. . . . Who's "they"?

Slag: *edgy* No 'they'... Autobots stay OUT of Romper Room... us stay IN Romper Room... be safe....

Sludge: *nudges Slag* Not them...others...'member? Grimlock tell them stay away....

Grimlock: Oh...them.... *actually seems embarrassed*

Slag: *jerks a lil, then nods* They safe....

"They not like Autobots... they Dinos," Slag said. "Just... just no could let Autobots think they Dinos..."

Wheeljack: *waiting patiently...not that he can do anything else*
Wheeljack: More Dinobots?

Ratchet: *curious and a lil confused, to 'Jack* Dove's notes didn't say anything about that.....

"Not like you think..," Grimlock said, still looking embarrased.

"They no look like Dinos," Snarl said. "Not safe if Autobots think they Dinos. They Grimlock's."

"Okay, I'm lost," Wheeljack admitted. "Ratch? This making any sense to you?"

Sludge sighed. "Technobots! They have names!"

Grimlock flinched slightly at the mention of the gestalt team. Picking his words carefully, he tried to explain. "I built the Technobots. It is... a long story. I... made them stay away. Safer for them not to be around us..."

"Technobots?" Ratchet asked.

Grimlock: Scattershot, Strafe, Lightspeed, Nosecone, and Afterburner. My . . . sons. . . .

Wheeljack: Your . . . sons?

Grimlock: *nods a little* Is long story.

Scattershot: *opens the door to the Romper Room, then just kinda stands there, not sure what to do*

Other Technos: *standing behind Scattershot*

Slag: *almost jumps when the door opens, but manages not to roast the Technos... moves aside so they can get in*

Ratchet: *looks over*

Scattershot: *quiet* Hullo Slag....*walks in cautiously* Father....?

Grimlock: *looks over* *not sure how to react*

Lightspeed: *eases past Scattershot, since the commander's still kinda standing in the doorway*

Nosecone: *just walks right up to Grimlock and hugs him*

Grimlock: *stunned a bit, then hugs Nosecone*

Afterburner: *lingers by the door*

Strafe: *moves a little further into the room, but jittery*

Nosecone: *lets go of Grimlock pretty quick* *quiet* Sorry....

Grimlock: No...is okay... *faint hint of a smile*

Scattershot: *walks over to Grimlock and bows slightly* Sir, I'd like to know why you changed your mind about us.....

Grimlock: *suppresses a flinch* Was better for you not to share Dino reputation. But....maybe things get better now....

--Sometimes the funniest moments are comments that aren't part of the story--
Ratchet: *just facepalms, then starts to chuckle*

(Ratchet: Get killed just once, and get babysat for the rest of your life.....)

(Swoop: Not funny. )

(Ratchet: *hugs Swoop* I just meant... well... nobody's doing that to Prime....)

(Swoop: No one love him like we love you *hugs Ratchet*)

(*snickers* He's got a point....)

(Ratchet: *hugs*)

(*to Prime* Guess you're not as important :))

(Ratchet: *stifles a snicker*)

--Nobody saw Nothin...--
Slag: *actually tfs, picks up Wheeljack and just cuddles him like a 3 year old with a stuffed bear*

Wheeljack: *just kinda blinks*

Ratchet: *chuckling, manages to get up*

(Ratchet: Make sure he's not looking for a box and some packing peanuts!)

Slag: *eventually puts down Wheeljack to snatch up Ratchet and repeate the cuddling*

Technos, minus Strafe: *snickering amongst themselves*

Ratchet: *looks down to Wheeljack, joking* So... you think he missed us?

Strafe: *sleeping like a little baby*

Wheeljack: Naaahhhhh *laughs*

Slag: *manages to grab Wheeljack too and hugs them both*

(he's gonna fall over....)

Slag: *barely manages to put them back down when he almost fell over doin that*
Slag: *reverts to Dino mode... kinda embarrased... looks around at room* What?

Ratchet: *chuckles and pats Slag on the frill*

Technos, minus Strafe: *quickly stop snickering and proceed to look as innocent as possible*

--Someone's Holding a Grudge--
Nosecone: (sigh) Afterburner, honestly...
Nosecone: Could you at least try to focus a little more on the positive . . . like the fact that our grandfathers aren't dead?

Afterburner: *to Nosecone* *bitter* I suppose I could, but then I'd be reminded of how our own father pushed us out of his life. Oh, whoops, too late.

Grimlock: *flinches again*

--Loser of the Drinking Contest--
Across the crowded room, Brawn was busy trying to prop Windcharger in a chair so nobody would trip over him. Windcharger just fell back out of the chair, so Brawn gave up and shoved Windcharger out of the way under the table instead.

And have an hour left online, and Mark's on... so gonna try to get some more "Gateways" stuff done...


Sep. 7th, 2004 02:50 am
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Having to flip my schedule in order to do grocery shopping later, and so I'm way too tired to work on anything much.

Still, I thought I'd offer a few fun tidbits from the logs around Xmas of 2007 to New Years of 2008...

These are all fairly connected stories, and most of em (except "Reunions") still need titles. I'm pretty bad about titles...

Anyhow, the first one is fairly simplistic... Dovey pulls a macguffin (but no worse so than Rhinox did in CotF...), and Alliance continuity reaquires Ratchet, Prowl, Ironhide, Brawn (yes, folks, he DID die in Alliance... but he got better), Wheeljack, and Windcharger. More charas to play with... *mischevious (but tired) grin*

As I said, it's kinda simple... almost timeline-filler if it wasn't a plot point, tho it still has a couple amusing moments. It's definatly one of the older stories, and does show a few traits of 'newbie' fic (a telepathic twin pair, and someone finally tells Dove about her parents...) but by this long (it was written originally in 1997) the story is so entrenched in the continuity it can't be rewritten too much without derailing the whole thing.

As is, it's only down now because of one scene that just needs more detail somehow...

It's also notible in Alliance for introducing us to Longshot.

Longshot is not a transformer. He/it is a Quintesson with, according to some people, some interetsing mental quirks. (ok, they say he's nuts) Alliance notes list his real name as Alterata, but so far it's never come up in a fic. Other notes say he was initially kicked out for reactivating Optimus Prime... (yes, he's the Quint from RooP, but gee... he was a lot more normal then. I guess banishment is getting to him...)

Anyhow, as my spoiler offering, here is Longshot's first scene in Alliance... misbehaving houseplant and all...

Black Hawk had landed the small ship in a hidden clearing on the unpopulated side of Monicus. White Dove followed her sister to where she'd said a Quintesson was in hiding. The entrance to the lab was well concealed with a hologram that made the door look like part of a hillside.

The inside was a bit cluttered, but clean. White Dove could hear the sounds of music playing from a room somewhere in the back, and frowned. What Quintesson would listen to Wierd Al Yankovic?

"Longshot!" Black Hawk called out. "It's Hawk!"

"A Quintesson named Longshot that listens to Wierd Al?" White Dove asked, feeling a bit confused.

Black Hawk shrugged slightly. "Have to call him something... he's never mentioned his real name."

A small Quintesson floated out of the back room and up to Black Hawk. He stared at White Dove for a second, and then looked back at Hawk. Slowly, he raised a tentacle. Clamped down on it was some sort of strange houseplant resembling a venus flytrap. He held the injured tentacle out to Hawk. "Help?"

Black Hawk chuckled and carefully pried off the offending plant. White Dove just stared and then shook her head. This had to be the wierdest excuse for a Quintesson she'd ever seen.

"Hey, Longshot... found something for you to do for a while..," Black Hawk said, trying to regain the Quintesson's wandering attention. He'd started floating around the laboratory room in what seemed to be an absentminded haze.

At Black Hawk's words he looked over, obviously interested. "Ooo... project! Where?"

Black Hawk grinned a bit at Dove. "Go on, sis... tell him..."

The Quintesson turned his attention to White Dove.

White Dove shook her head a bit to clear it as she got the datapadd out of subspace. This was surreal even for her. This... Longshot... acted more like an absent-minded puppy than any Quintesson she'd ever seen or heard of. Did she really want to trust this to someone who was bouncing in front of her like a nightmare party balloon and humming along to Wierd Al's 'Addicted to Spuds'?

Then again, this Quintesson was actually willing to help... without having to be threatened into it. She couldn't take the risk that he was up to something, though. And while she trusted her sister, she'd had bad dealings with Quintessons.

Longshot's short attention wandered again, and White Dove was startled by an unexpected poke to her wing.

"Feathers..," Longshot muttered, almost to himself, then looked up at Hawk. "Strange you both altered your designs to similar modes." He poked at Dove's wing again... and this time she took advantage of the brief contact to telepathically do a light surface scan of the Quintesson's mind.

She recieved a couple of surprises. The biggest surprise was that the Quintesson wasn't up to anything sneaky. Another surprise was that this was the same Quintesson who had rebuilt Optimus Prime, and was an outcast because of it. He was here hiding from the other Quintessons.

Longshot had started to wander again. He was floating a few feet away, humming along to "Achy Breaky Song".

Black Hawk chuckled at her sister's hesitation. "Don't worry... he's saner than he looks. And a lot better than trying to deal with any of the others."

So, that's Longshot. If you see him at any Padded cell parties or goof-off RP sessions, he'll be the Quintesson carrying the portable CD player, listening to Wierd Al (he's a major fan), possibly also wearing enormous novelty shades (depending on the lighting conditions), and if there's a buffett, he'll have with him a sign reading "I Am Not Calimari"
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Now dealing with "The Price" again... It's a pretty important bit in the timeline that covers just how there's a truce in the first place. I'll readily admit there's a couple things in it that could be considered badfic cliches (but then some people consider anything that causes a truce to be a badfic thing)... but still... had to do this somehow. And I hope it comes out believable enough.

Anyhow... while we're doing a scene for that... gonna take a look at one of the stories leading up to it... which has a few incomplete bits I'd like suggestions on...

The story is titled "Enemy Territory" and takes place from around 11/30 to 12/20 of 2007. Dove has no symbol during this time (Neut) and basically goes around and talks to some people on both sides, tryin to make some sense of why the war is goin in the first place...

Here are a few fave clips, and other stuff...

Vena: *still lookin up at Sludge... starts to reach up to pat him on the snout... hesitates... cautiously* Do you bite?

"Sometimes..," Sludge said, grinning a little. "Plants."

Venatrix giggled and patted Sludge's snout. "You're not mad at me?" she asked, warily.

Vena: *cautiously pats Sludge again, waiting for an answer*

* Sludge seems to be taking an extra long time mulling this one over.
Sludge: *very slowly* No....not Vena's fault...not really....

Most people guessed Vena's origins right off. Dove didn't, as she'd never seen a picture of Galvatron. And for the next couple months, some people went out of their way to make sure she never did.... It seems they felt, given her mental condition at the time, that finding out Vena is Galvatron's daughter was a lil too much info for her... :P

"It's ok," Venatrix said quietly, snuggling the enormous brontosaur, "at least you like me..."

Sludge swung his neck back around to nuzzle Vena gently. "Maybe it not be too terrible here?"

Venatrix sighed and gazed up at the sky longingly. "Maybe..," she admitted, somewhat reluctantly, "but I still miss my daddy... and Cyke... and the kitties..." She sighed again and hugged Sludge.

Sludge: Sludge know what it mean, missing family. *sighs*

--Just can't get rid of this boy...--
He began a rant about how 'bored' he was, but Dove was distracted by the realization she could actually see the ex-living Air Commander, a red and silver translucent form pacing back and forth across the darkness of the alley. It was several minutes later before she realized he was still speaking.

"... and the most interesting thing I see in eight months is some airbrained Autobot femme staring at Polyhex like a human trying to do hyperspatial mathematics."

Geeze, did he always whine like this, or is it a new thing now that he's dead, White Dove wondered.

--You're only young once, but can be immature forever--
She held her hands up to show she wasn't armed, and started to slowly move forward. By the time she'd covered half the distance, Dead End and Breakdown had put their guns away, and Dragstrip and Wildrider were giving her looks that she was trying hard to ignore.

The closer she got the harder it was to ignore the looks from those two. [i]Oh Primus... Wildrider is staring at my rear...[/i] She was faintly amused when she saw Dead End edge away from Dragstrip and Wildrider as if to deny that he had any relation to the other two Stunticons at all.

--Heh... they remember her...(Masqerade Insert Scene)--
Wildrider snatched the persimmon away from Dragstrip, looked at Dove, back to the persimmon, and then back at Dove. "You! It's YOU!!"

The other Stunticons stared at his outburst.

"YOU!! The persimmon girl! ^%$^%$!! I was gonna ask out that little persimmon-tossing Autobrat...."

Anyhow, that scene goes on, past unintentionally telepath-whapping Wildrider with images of the shuttle attack... but anyhow... it cuts off oddly and needs wrapped up. Since it still has to be added to, if anyone would like to make some suggestions/requests, now's a good time. All I have so far is that the Stunticons should suggest Dove talk to the Insecticons... what with the Secties being much older than the Stunties, and Dove... and yet being semi-likely not to shoot her or turn her over to the other 'Cons if she bribes them with an appropriate amount of food...

Kickback: You know, we don't usually allow for strange visitors. What's in the basket?

Dove: *tryin to ignore years of 'that's a decepticon! shoot it! type things in her head, shuffles feet a bit selfconciously* Cookies....

"One basket, full of cookies?"

Dove: *fidgets* Yeah.....

(and considering it's a big basket, and she's twice the height of the secties... that's a lotta cookies)

Kickback: Well.....I suppose that's good enough to get you a little consideration. *grins*

--Chattin With Bugs--
"The getting started is the easy part," Kickback said. "Actually, come to think of it, maybe the getting started isn't the easy part..."

"Nah, keepin it goin is th' easy part. Awl it requires is that ya never think about what yer doin."

"The rhetoric of survival through conquest versus that of the inherent universal sanctity of freedom," Bombshell said, reaching for another cookie.

"You're talking in circles, circles."

"Ah dunno 'bout you, but Ah don feel like bein shot over rhetoric."

"Why do you think we live here?" Bombshell replied, gesturing around at the Insecticons' swamp nest. "But we are fortunate in that we remain too valuable to the cause to be destroyed out of hand."

"Either that or too much of a bother to, well, bother," Kickback amended.

--Gone Native...--
"Not even the Autobots bother us much anymore."

White Dove shrugged. "We stopped gettin complaints from the local Human population back in the 90's... if they don mind ya bein here, why do anythin."

"That's always the tricky bit though, isn't it?" Kickback remarked, gesturing with half a cookie. "Mmm... Empire comes in and straightens out some backwater planet, but if the 'Bots get a whiff of it, then we're oppressing the natives and it starts all over again." Kickback nibbled at the cookie some more. "Ask me, taking on that contract was good gravy."

"Are you going to eat that cookie, cookie, or wave it around like a baton, baton?"

In Alliance, the Insecticons very carefully made themselve nearly indispensable to Indonesia's tourist trade, coming to some sort of deal with the local government... which is what Kickback refers to here. Not sure of all the details, but poachers tend to get their boats eaten... and tourist spots now have 'Please Feed The Bugs' signs. The Insecticons were even on postage stamps in 2007. The Autobots can't do a thing... in fact, the Indonesian government complained about them disturbing the Bugs the last time they showed up to make sure there wasn't trouble...

--Nobody's Gonna Win...--
"The war started because of diametrically opposed worldviews," Bombshell said. "It can't end because the Decepticons don't have what it takes to win... but neither do the Autobots."

Dove: *sighs* So basically it'll just keep going on an on an on till there's nobody left ta fight..... Ah'm startin ta realise why Dead End's so depressed.... (She'd have talked to the Stunties right before this )... it really IS futile and pointless....

Bombshell: After nine million years . . . it seems likely.

Dove: *sighs*

"Sorta like a bad habit, I guess," Kickback said. "Some of us can wiggle out the side, but not too many, seems like..."

--Poor Bluestreak...--
Dove: Did anyone tell ya what ta do if the only reasons ya can find are reasons ta stop? *throws the persimmon at the tree.... and it freezes in the air about a foot away and then drops to the ground*

"I never felt the need to ask," Bluestreak said. "I can't think of any reason not to hate them all, and every time someone I love dies... well, that's just one more reason."

"Wonder how many of them fight for the same reason."

Bluestreak: I guess you gotta do what ya gotta do. Whatever it is . . . just watch yourself, okay kiddo? 'Tween you and me, I'm pretty sick of adding more reasons to my tally. *squeezes her shoulder gently and walks back inside*

--Dovey don like Pinkbot--
"Ah don care WHUT you think's in my best intrests you bubbleheaded pink TWIT! Just git outta mah room before Ah rip off yer funny lookin head!!"

Elita One was shoved out into the hall. The door then shut and locked itself. Deciding to wait until White Dove had calmed down, Elita started to leave.

Sideswipe started to turn the corner when he saw Elita in the hallway. He quickly ducked out of sight to avoid being seen by the femme commander. Once she was gone, he went to White Dove's door. He fidgeted uncomfortably, and then rang the chime.

The door slid open. "Ah thought Ah toldja ta git yer pink ass outta here," White Dove said, before she noticed who was at the door. "Oh.. er... sorry, Sideswipe..."

"Heh... guess I should have waited a little longer," Sideswipe said. "Can we talk?"

--Taking after Mommy...--
"Everybody else fahnds ways ta accept it," she continued, "but Ah can't... Mebbe there's somethin wrong with me, but Ah just can't. Ah'm 'bout an inch away from packin up everythin, takin a huge load a cookies, and seein if Ah can move in with th' Insecticons. They seem ta have th' right idea..."

"The Insecticons? But..," Sideswipe shook his head. He didn't know what she was babbling about, and he wasn't sure he wanted to know what Insecticons had to do with it. And he had no idea now how he was going to bring up what he'd intended to tell her.

"Jus dig a hole an dissapear into it, an don come out 'less there's food involved. Mebbe a bit silly, but it's a lot saner than mosta th' rest a us are bein..," White Dove said, almost as if she hadn't heard him. She shook her head sadly. "Madness ain't got no place in it for those who can see what it is..."

Sideswipe almost froze at her words, hearing an echo of them in his mind. He'd heard the same thing before... spoken worlds away and in a different language, but with the same meaning. 'The entire world is insane, and there's no place in the insanity for those who can see it'

--More Arguing with Pinkbot--
"Oh, really? Name somethin then," White Dove continued. "Name one damn ideal or bit of ideology that THAT symbol still stands for that hasn't been lost along the way."

"The inherent right of all races to be free."

"Oh yeah..," Dove replied, her voice dripping sarcasm. "Freedom is the right a all sentient beings, as yer mate would put it." The sarcasm melted back into anger as she continued. "Same guy who when I was a kid, made the Dinobots live in a friggin closet... Name something we haven't already lost."

Anyhow, tryin to work on The Price derailed for a lil bit... gonna try to break down some of the Gate logs instead....
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Ok, woke up, grabbed a piece of oven-fried chicken, and it's time to get started...

I'm basically gonna try to keep this update window open in the background all night, so I can drop tidbits in it as the evening progresses... so if it ends up reading odd and choppy, there's why.

Ok... Finished up Onstage work on "Stray Cat"... So now just comes the hard part of converting the log to proe (story) form :P.

In the meantime, feeding plotbunnies and the occasional fun spoiler may be good...

I guess I'll do the plotbunnies as seperate posts for the sake of sorting the replies (if any) and go thru the current to-do list... as for spoilers... here are some fave clips from other logs I need to finish editing...
Ok, an untitled fic dated 8/18/2007, and pegged as supposed to be part of the story arc involving Vena's time on Charr... but this particular section was taken over by the Hive... I've almost got this one completely edited to prose, but the last few paragraphs are always the hardest...

--EVERYBODY Likes Vena...--
The oddest sight, though, was Fangry carrying a frisbee back to Venatrix with an air that said he was only doing this because he wanted to, and anyone who suggested otherwise could expect to need medical assistance. He dropped the frisbee by Venatrix and grinned at Wierdwolf, who was waiting nearby. "Don't eat it this time..."

--Talking to Headmasters, lesson 1--
"We are not here for your amusement," Mindwipe snapped suddenly. The fading of his accent was now recognizable to Cyclonus as an indicator that, while the voice was his, the words were Vorath's. "Lord Zarak thinks the procedure is too great a risk to subject any more of the Hive to. Or their partners. I can't do anything unless you convince him otherwise." Mindwipe went quiet for a moment, his expression disfocused as an internal argument took most of his attention for a few seconds. When he spoke again, his accent had returned. "I apologize, Cyclonus," he said quietly. "This is difficult on all of us. You should be discussing this with your partner, not with us..."

--The Best Decepticon Headmaster Pairing--
"But he wouldn't dare hurt you... not really," Nightstick said. "Because you're part of him. Monzo and Wierdwolf are just the furthest along, but all of you are gonna end up like that..." Nightstick indicated Weirdwolf, who was laying a few feet away from them. Monzo was asleep, snuggled between Weirdwolf's paws. The general impression was that of a large dog possessively guarding a favorite chew toy.

"Ok it will be," Wierdwolf continued to mutter to himself, in an odd sing-song tone. "Seperate us they will not... not let them will I." He rocked back and forth slightly, seemingly oblivious to his surroundings. "Tear their heads off first, I would... see how they like it."

--Poor Spasma...--
"This is why they volunteered for the tests," Mindwipe told Hook, quietly. "Apeface's disgust regarding anything organic is being detrimental to Spasma."

"I can't help it," Apeface protested with a scowl, concerned about Spasma and angry about the entire situation.

"At least you don make me puke, Cyclonus," Nightstick commented dryly.
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Basically I'm gonna use tis as a spoiler-laden plotbunny pen... so if you don want attacked by rabid Alliance plotbunnies and you don't want spoilers... this is your warning.

Anyhow... today was spent working on "Stray Cat". Set in the timeline at 5/12/2008, it involves an accident with a dimensional gate system that drops Cheetor (from Season 2 of Beast Wars) into Alliance.

We'd almost finished getting that one scripted before Mark needed to sleep... (I'm pretty sleepy myself by now...)

It covered a lot of amusing cultural misunderstandings... like stasis lock, onboard Maxi computers and port connections, and the G1 TFs watching Cheetor eat pizza... (It may take em a while to get used to that...)

Anyhow, I'll start posting about some of the plotbunnies soon... But first, a few of my fave log clips from today's lil adventure:

--Scale Problems--
Shadow Panther: *shimmers into view behind Cheetor* Shadow Panther, Terrorize! *gets out gun*

Cheets: Shadow Panther!! Cheetor, Maximize! *takes aim, and it looks like there's about to be a mini-battle*

Dove: Ok, that's enough... *picks both Beasties up, one in each hand, and gives em a lil bit of a shake*

Shadow: *trying to keep aim on Cheets anyway, growls* He's a Maximal!

Cheets: Shove it, Pred-head...

--Goth Rat?--
Dove: *to Cheets* He's a Rat... an his name is Rattrap? He ain't goth is he?

Cheetor: Huh? What's that?

Dove: Well, just sounds kinda... morbid... fer a rat ta be named after somethin that kills rats... I dunno

--I Don't Want To Go On The Cart--
Skywarp: *nudges 'dead' rat with foot* I'm not even sure this thing oughtta be melted down or what....

Cheetor: Melted down? But....

Neo-Galvy: *shakes head* *to Cheetor* Is there something we're missing here?

Cheetor: He's in stasis lock....

Skywarp: *still puzzled, puts the rat down on exam table*

Cheetor: *over by the table....*

Ratchet: *notices the smashed up rat bits* *pauses* What... what is that?

Skywarp: *shrugs* Looked like a squashed retrorat to me....

Ratchet: Skywarp... I'm a medic, not a veterinarian. *looks at the rat bits a little closer* *frowns* Or a taxidermist, for that matter.

Cheets: He's not a retrorat, he's a Maximal. His name's Rattrap.....

Ratchet: *gives the rat bits a final look over* And it looks like he lost a fight with one... what happened?


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