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Ok, I need to clean out all my notes again, and this is a pretty good place to stick em. Especially since I can use links that way and not have to hunt the web for Dupli-color's site if the old comp loses my links again. As a note? This is not a 'stable' entry but a working to-do list and may be updated and switched around and footnotes added as need be.

Step 1 )

Step 2 )

Step 3 )

Step 4 )

Step 5 )

Step 6 )

Step 7 )

(more coming soon, journal flipping RP break time)
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Ok, here's what's wrong with the car, what she says is wrong with the car, and a pile of goodies I'd just like to fiddle with for the hell of it. As a note, most of the minor cosmetic damage was there when I bought it. It used to be a rental car, and has 100,000 miles already. It actually looks pretty good. I'm being exceptionally nitpicky here. If I mention a crack in plastic? It's probably smaller than an inch and ignorable. But hey, if it can be fixed, might as well. :)

What actually took it off the road and would be absolutely needed to get it back on? A loose nut in the steering column and a slight tendancy to leak oil (more on the latter in a bit).

The Whole List )

And that's all I saw before the sun got too bad for me. A few ideas I have next post. I already know what I'm replacing the carpet with. And the headliner. I think. If it will work. :)


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