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The weather's hit a cool patch, finally, so I was finally able to do some work on the car.

BTW: This is what make/model my car is. 1991 Chevy Corsica. Only mine's a sort of dull grey-blue-green.

Yesterday, I ripped down the dryrotted headliner. This turned out not to be as bad as it could have been. The insulation underneath looks fine, it just needs resealed/coated with something. It looks like fiberglass, and the thin layer of plastic on it will hve to be peeled off because that's covered with dryrot mold. So, basically, I need something to reseal it with that I can spray or paint on. Suggestions welcome. I'm leaning towards liquid rubber coatings. There's a catalogue I can order a can of spray on or brush on plasti-dip synthetic rubber for about $6-7, not counting shipping. Hopefully one can would cover that, right?

I also had a patch of luck - as usual both good and bad - regarding the keys. I found a mystery key in the glove compartment. And when I showed her that, no, it didn't fit the locking gas cap, she checked on her own keyring. So now I know where the other set of car keys are. They're on a black key fob in her waist pouch. As for the bad luck part of this - a way to remove them without getting caught or arousing suspicion still eludes me (and things have been going fairly well enough that I don't want to risk any incidents), and I've found out that my own key to the gas cap is missing. I had it on a seperate key ring, a matter that I'll correct if I can find it.

Today, I went over the fusebox. I did find some problems, and fixed all but three of them. The three I didn't fix are as follows:

Spots 12 and 15 in the fusebox are supposed to contain 35-amp circuit breakers. There was a 30-amp one jammed in space 15, and space 12 was empty. I removed that and put it in the glove compartment with my other small parts. This solves the mystery of why the power windows and power door locks never worked, tho to tell the truth I never really cared to use them even if they had.

Spot 16 is a mystery. The little metal connectors that the fuse is supposed to connect to are gone. Just completely gone. Which means a fuse can't be inserted. I don't know if this is repairable without replacing the fusebox.

I also can't identify what the damned thing is for, due to having a crappy Haynes manual that covers several years and two models of car instead of a nice Chilton's one on just a 1991 Corsica. A diagram inside the book says it's for the windshield wiper system and should be a 25 amp fuse. The fuse chart on the inside of the panel covering the fusebox in the actual car - and what I'm taking as accurate over the book for now - says that it should be a 3 amp fuse and is for something only abbreviated as D.R.L. Anyone have a clue what this is?

A couple other fuses were switched for ones of the proper type according to the in-car chart, and two wasp nests being built inside the doors were dealt with. And that might be all I can do for a little while, or until I find the tools to take the steering column apart.


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