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I have a drinking problem that has nothing to do with alcohol.

Let me start at the beginning:

I came across a site that had how to calculate how much water your body supposedly needs based on your actual body weight. Divide your body weight by half and that's how many ounces you should drink in a day.

Now, I'd never really felt like I was dying of thirst or anything. I came across the page because I'd been fuzzy-headed of late and it mentioned that as one of the possible signs of mild chronic dehydration. So, I counted the number of eight ounce glasses I drank in a day. There were three. And I didn't weigh 40 lbs. I weighed 120. Meaning I should have been drinking sixty ounces, not twenty-four.

So I started giving it a try, putting myself on a schedule where I was drinking an eight ounce glass every two hours. Which was hard at first. I certainly didn't feel thirsty, so I questioned the logic a bit. But it cleared up the fuzzy-headedness, so I figured no harm done.

Let me point back now to where I mentioned that my weight was 120 lbs. (I'm also 5 ft tall, if you really want to know.) I've never had anything even close to a weight problem. Even family holidays, years ago, I'd go up to maybe 123, and it'd go back down after the weekend, and that was it.

Not anymore. My body, having grown up assuming that water is scarce (Looking back, I can see this habit starts in school, and is reinforced there. Think about it.) has decided to help my odds of survival by storing as much of it as possible. And I know it's the water, as nothing else in my diet has recently changed. In fact, I'm exercising more - having recently put that on a good schedule - and eating less since I'm always full of water.

Over the past two weeks I have gained twenty pounds. I now weigh 140. I put on one pound yesterday alone, going from 139 the previous night to 140 when I weighed myself in the morning. (Luckily, still 140 today.) That's three gallons of water. Spongebob's got nothing on me.

And, according to what I've read online, the cure for water retention is to drink more water. (I've already had to add two more glasses, chasing my increasing weight). Trick your body into thinking it's plentiful, and it will drop the excess.

Right. Well, I'll try it (and cranberry pills and/or other herbal diuretics), but if my weight doesn't start going down by the end of the month, I may have to do something else about my 'drinking problem'.


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