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7 am
Going to leave this open under other windows and do the lil add random comments thing again. That seems to work best as far as actually using this goes.

8:30 am
Just made a lil graphic banner for Puppet Master: Changed World... and will be adding that to my sig. There's something signifigant in this... I never made a sig banner for Alliance. Of course, I knew enough TF fans I never felt I needed to. With PM... well... there just aren't as many fans.

Time to update my sig. Oh, btw... I woke up at 6 am :P I should go to SLEEP at 6am, but it's the beginning of the month and that means all the shopping and running around and other things that mean being awake during the daytime because banks, post offices, and the crappy stores here are not open 24 hours. :P

Watching the buddy list. Nobody on of course. Here I sit, all alone...

Maybe that means I'll get something done.

8:45 am
Ooo.. I can hear birds... MORNING birds...

Can't say I really like it, as usually it's a sound I associate with the END of a day, not the beginning. It's almost creepy to hear when you've only been up a lil while.

I suppose how other people would feel if they heard an owl at breakfast...

9:20 AM
Have to wrap up this post so I can doublecheck the link for the sig, that one's not working...


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