Dec. 28th, 2012

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So, I haven't updated this in a year, and my last post is me saying I was going to keep track of my gardening here. Well, at least I can blame some of that on LJ...

Weather was weird, but I still got more out of the garden than she ever did, so I still have some control there.

Ratchet the Laptop finally died. There have been a few nasty storms this year. And, it seems, I have arthritis. It's a lot of fun when the weather is cold. If I turn up the heater to where my joints hurt less the rest of me is too hot. Part of why it developed so fast was that pull cart I would take after groceries, and another factor is that I fell down a set of cement stairs over the summer while tending the garden. The Evil Overlord still gets laughs out of that one.

I currently only have one working computer and it's running Windows rather than Linux - and I can't change that for various reasons. So, for a while I'll have to be extremely careful of any sites I visit to avoid viruses.

I'm behind on RP because between the computer probs and the storms (which knocked out the phone for a couple weeks a while back), and the problems I'm having just getting comfortable at the keyboard since my joints started getting worse - plus I don't have my ball any more since she put a hole in it, and probably just the time of year and having all the windows blocked off which means I can't get a breath of semi-fresh town air until spring... which means sinus headaches all winter. Not to mention I just get depressed this time of year anyway. It doesn't help that Wizards of the Coast stole my xmas present with a lawsuit. And, basically, with the whole mess I've just felt really... bleh. I can't even seem to catch anyone online to talk to, but I'm going to at least partly blame that on Trillian being erratic on this computer.

Anyhow, I'm going to - barring issues like my elbow hurting too much to type - post a couple things on other issues, and I don't want this one to get too long as I need to look up how to do cuts on Dreamwidth. I also need new icons someday.
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I suppose the first thing I should do is update on the garden situation, since that's what the last bit of posts were about. I found heirloom or at least too-old-to-be-gmo varieties of everything I wanted to grow. I had no luck getting brassicas to sprout for some reason and there was some really weird weather this year, but I still did a lot better than she ever did.

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And that's mostly it for the garden update unless I've missed anything.

PS: Oh, yeah, almost forgot I had Yukon Gold potatoes (not my choice, the Evil Overlord insisted on that variety.) They went to seed in the unseasonal spring hot spell (I forget if that was right before or after that derrecho or whatever they called it windstorm that knocked out the power). And then later when I went to dig them up there was nothing there. Maybe this year...


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