whitedove01s: (Default)
2016-09-28 01:00 am


So, the new keyboard arrived... the same day as Aunt Flo. Not wanting to mess with taking my laptop completely apart (it's one of the very rare ones where laptop replacement doesn't involve a few screws and popping a bevel off, go fig) during that time of month, I left it in its box and plugged up the little USB tablet keyboard to use it to fill in missing i's. Then, last night the key in question spits out a few random i's and starts working again. I expected it to be a weird fluke, but today it's working fine. So, I made sure it was packed well, closed the box up and labeled it, and now the new keyboard is in my closet just in case.

I'm also looking around for just the right box (and will have to get an extra roll of heavy duty aluminum foil) so I can make a simple faraday cage for some electronic tests regarding the freaking weird wifi connection issues in my room.