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I'm still looking over lists of heirloom varieties and making notes. I've gotten as far as the peas, and learned some interesting things about the life cycle of an onion along the way. I'm not exactly pleased that those things mean I will at some point in spring probably be sharing my bedroom with about a hundred onion seedlings, but you do what you've gotta do.

Right now, what I should be doing is finishing at least two of the beds' sides... I've been up since 9 am, waiting. She's still in bed. And if I just go grab any old boards out there, it'll end up with her going 'no, you can't use THOSE boards' and pulling the beds apart, so I have to wait. I doubt she'll be up before 2 pm.

That said, my research - and the way I can lose track of time when doing something like that - has let my emails pile up badly. Hopefully I can either get caught up there without getting distracted again, or that I'll make it from 'peas' to 'watermelon' over the course of the day and thus be able to make myself take a 'break' and get to the mail.

1:30 and she's still out. Maybe I should rethink that estimate. (I'm typing this up in a text program as I do other things, then I cut+paste the entries in).

1:57 and she just got up. I have Peppers, Potatos, Tomatos and Watermelon left to hunt down, but time to get the yard work done while I can.


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