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Last few days in a nutshell (why not, we're all nuts...)

The car is broke. It's the loose nut behind the wheel again. No, this is not a joke about the driver... it's a bolt in the steering column and a factory defect that every few years works its way loose and causes the steering column to misalign somehow... which means the car simply will not start. Don't ask me to explain any further, I'm not a mechanic.

Anyhow, it'll take till xmas or so to save enough to have it fixed again, so till then we're without a car. Managed to get Aunt Kathy to agree to take us on supply trips twice a month, but other than that... well... no more 3 am trips to Wal-mart. :P

There was another mudslide a couple days back... a few hundred pounds of clay right into a tree. Had city workers all over the place cutting the tree down in pieces.

Too bad they didn't leave any long branches or maybe could have salvaged something to make beds from. As is, we ended up making off with a 200-300 lb section of trunk for a yard table, and a smaller one for a chair. I'd like to get more if I could think of uses for it... it's hard to get it onto the road to roll it back to the trailer though.

The slide must have uncovered another of the sinkholes or something, because that night there was a ground fog that the cats refused to go into. Only in the front yard too... not on the swamp side. Had a headache and a sore neck a bit the last couple days, and I stayed away from the door.

I don't know what to think about Ryoko. I paid to have her spayed. She hasn't gone into heat since... But there's definately something moving in her middle...

Joy. Mutant kittens. No hope they'll be normal, not in this place...

They should put it on the town limit signs... "Home of Six-legged frogs and Two-headed snakes..."

Ryoko was born somewhere around here too, and she's really sensitive to touch, like I can be... Guess it's a chance to see if that can be hereditary if nothing else.

I'd hope it wasn't kittens, but the alternatives would be more disturbing...

And I don't know what to do after... we can't afford right now to have her spayed again. Everything has to go towards the car...


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