Apr. 6th, 2016

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And here comes another day! I didn't have any more net trouble after that one bit, which was good. I'm still (and now admittedly) procrastinating on Abby's tattoo's, because I really have the bad feeling they're just going to rub off. I should at least try to do the shoulder angels today as a test. Again no work on the timeline or tree yesterday, as I spent most of it catching up on vids, doing the massive first-stage re-organization of doll sewing patterns I've saved over the years, and adding user-generated-content freebies for MakeHuman to its directory (aka clothes and hair, and not quite enough decent ones of either).

Already had one surprise after breakfast today, namely the surreal experience of having a cat request a bath. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that one, but there's absolutely nothing else Smokey would associate the bathroom with, and she stood by the doorway and cried until we bathed her. She hates being in the plastic bin, she hates the water, but apparently she's smart enough to know it helps with the fleas that for some reason love the taste of her.

Also got some of the Walmart shopping in the mail yesterday. Four boxes. One was just toilet paper, one just a big bag of cat food, one misc other stuff, and one where they AGAIN packed chips in the same box with a 25lb bag of cat food. This is a chronic problem with them, and I'm lucky the Frito bag didn't actually burst open like potato chips have in the past. We've actually tried to order the cat food and heavy cans on separate orders from crushable items and still have the arrive together if the orders aren't far enough apart. The Evil Overlord insisted on complaining to them again (complaining is her favorite hobby). I think it's going to be more useful wriggling our orders so we order all the cat food in the middle of the month, two weeks after anything that could squish. Let's see them mix it up then!

So, plans for today... I know there are more packages coming... if I can get my surveys and RP done, and more of what I worked on yesterday, that would be good. Better if I could get my brain in the right state for writing, or put more info in the tree or timeline. Or, well.. I'll just have to see.

One other odd note: I don't know if this is related to a few shifts in diet, or the going outside and walking up and down the steps (and thus actually being exposed to daylight), but my sleeping schedule has gone all wonky. I don't know if it's going to clear up the non-24 thing... and night before last I only slept 6 hours, while I was out for nearly 12 last night. I'll probably have to wait and see. I kind of hope it does, because being able to keep a schedule would mean I could actually allot a certain time in the day to work on various things listed above and make little dents in each...


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