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Busy, busy... but in rather surprising news I finally have a sleep schedule that works. This is after decades of failure at sticking to any kind of normal schedule. If I try to sleep 8 hours a night at the same time every night, I will have insomnia, sleep through alarms no matter how loud, and eventually either have severe sleep deficit/deprivation build up or have to give in and let my schedule become erratic and 'slide' around the clock in a way very similar to Non-24 Sleep Disorder (which normally only affects blind people and, to an extent, workers on the space station, and is tied to not having proper triggers for circadian rhythms or something.)

Anyhow, due to a wikiwalk starting off on etymology behind nightmares, going through a smartphone app I can't use for monitoring sleep patterns, and leading from there onto a scientific report on sleep patterns, I finally have something that works.

And it is something mind-bogglingly weird.

Anyhow, the report mentioned that sleep cycles (the patterns of lighter sleep with REM in the middle) are an average of 90-minutes in length. And suggested that feelings of drowsiness when you've gotten adequate sleep are a result of interrupting these cycles during the deep-sleep part. That was what the smartphone app was supposed to be a workaround for. It tried to determine stages of sleep by motions and sound (with the phone placed near the pillow) and adjust your wakeup alarm by a few minutes to try to wake you in the closest possible 'light sleep' stage.

Well, I took that, the inherent problems with all the times it would be useful to be up for various reasons, and info from when I once tried (and failed) to sleep in two shifts, and tried an experiment. And it worked. Eerily well, as in I've been at this since the start of the month, I am not experiencing any signs of sleep deprivation, I feel a lot more awake when I'm awake, I'm getting more done, and there have been several times I've actually woken up just before the alarm was due to go off.

My schedule is thus:
I go to sleep at midnight, and get up at 3 am.
Then I go back to sleep five hours later at 8am, and get up at 11am.
Back to sleep after five hours at 4pm, and up at 7pm.
Five hours later and it's midnight. Repeat.

The three three-hour naps mean I have 9 hours total sleep, slightly more than the 8-hour-minimum often suggested (and, interestingly, 8 hours is not divisible by 90-minutes). I presumably get two full cycles in when I sleep well, which I often do, and on occasion I don't then I only have to stay up 5 hours before it's time to sleep again. (And, yes, I have been sleeping deeply enough to dream.)

So... as I said, extremely weird.

In other news, the 15th was my birthday. And the power went out for part of the evening. I also learned as a result that my battery backup system for my computer has finally died, as it shut down as a result. The 16th had the Evil Overlord insisting on doing the monthly Target order on her own and... let's just say stress, yelling, and billing problems that thankfully were worked out and I don't want to think of again. So I ended up not finding time to post this until now. (5 hour 'mini-days' make for some fast scheduling at times XD) I considered it a success when I'd stayed on it for two full weeks - including through a cycle of Aunt Flo (which only knocked me off for one day and I was able to get right back on the sleeping pattern).

It's weird having a schedule after all this time. Even a weird one.
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I need to remember to actually use this thing more.

Got a lot of yardwork done yesterday, including some late and severe pruning of the cherry trees. Some of it, however, involved briars... and between that and being a complete idiot during a break for lunch and burning my hand on a pizza stone handle, I have no fewer than three bandaids on my right hand. This is affecting my typing speed.

Today it rained, giving me a perfect excuse not to go into the yard again and take some time to heal (my shoulders hurt from the tree pruning). I just hope the weather isn't like last years... it seemed like it did nothing but rain then and made it almost impossible to get anything done in the yard.

Meh, enough babbling on this thing. I have more files to sort and other things to do. Thankfully, things that do not require my hands to be above shoulder height.
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So, I've spent a bit of time lately rearranging my desktop (and turning one of my monitors int a single-use bugzapper by accident) to try to get a nice layout for when I managed to get as much aS I can up and running and sharing out the digital workload for better efficiency. Or at least the ability to watch videos or play games while doing surveys and keeping up with RP, while making room to learn Unity programming and do fabric graphics for Spoonflower and maybe room for... well, you get the picture. I need a setup that works with my chronic scatterminded multitasking. And it doesn't work for me to do one task at a time and close the other down to get back to it, because what will happen is that I'll forget just where I am on the other task and by the time I remember it and get back to it I might have to start all over. This memory issue sucks in so many ways, and I'm sick of redoing the same things. Two screens let me keep reminder windows and txt-file notes where I can see them, which has been an extreme help. Expansion may mean more progress in my case, especially if I can delegate easier and/or offline tasks to other computers to spread out the processor load.

Anyhow, I got sidetracked on why I'm doing this when I meant to do a rundown of what I have so far just in case I forget what needs to be done with something. A lot of this I've mentioned in bits before so I'm putting it behind a cut. It's mostly so I'll have a workload reference if my brain gets fuzzy and so I won't have to keep looking up models of things or what ram each laptop uses (I have all three types of DDR in play here!). Here we go with my pile of salvage, both working and non:

Long computer ramble and inventory under cut )

Yes, I can be a horrid packrat, but on the upside... I have lots of stuff! (If I can get it to work.)
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Really trying to make progress in getting things done. As always, there are setbacks.

I can't take the laptop apart to replace the keyboard without another computer of some sort working so I can access youtube vids of how to completely disassemble the thing (Of course it can't be one of those easy ones where you can pop the keyboard out from the top).

With that thought in mind I managed after a lot of annoyance to disable the touchscreen on the windows tablet with the thought of hooking it up to the mouse long enough for this. After getting that done, I popped the case open to see what the problem was. During assembly the speaker wires were crushed in the edge of the casing, severing one of them. So, until my repair skills are up to fixing or replacing an extremely thin wire I'm not turning that back on.

I did get a replacement computer monitor surprisingly fast, tho it put a dent in xmas saving. And then today I managed to clean off the rest of my desktop (which involved taking apart and at least partly reassembling the wall sheves in my room to fit paperbacks and DVD cases instead of where they were originally spaced for CDs I don't really use any more) for a place to properly work on electronics to find out what happened to the previous one.

It's kind of funny, really, but that's getting ahead...

When I got it up on the table and removed the stand I noticed a few drops of liquid near the power cord jack. Pulling out the power cord revealed that the end was corroded and burnt to the point that the hard rubber had actually cracked. I had no idea where the liquid could have come from. I got it apart and noticed all the damage is around the power jack. The capacitors are in great shape (bad for me, because practically every repair kit just wants to sell the capacitors).

I was boggled as to what could have caused just the power jack (and just one connection on it) to have caused a scorch mark and some kind of fluid that still hadn't evaporated. Then I aimed an LED flashlight up into the power jack...

I'd moved the monitor to rearrange my desktop and clean it, and I'd unplugged the cords while doing sp because that monitor is one of the heaviest I've ever encountered (and I used to use CRT monitors!), and I didn't want a cord to cause me to drop anything. I also cleaned off the desk. Apparently, while I was wiping the desk down before plugging everything back up, a small black bug (a LITERAL bug, mind you) crawled into the monitor's power jack, finding it a nice dark hidey-hole. At the angle the monitor was on my desk, I never would have seen it without a flashlight even if I'd thought to look in the port for a black bug in a dark space (I'll defnitely watch out in the future, tho, even if it requires crawling under my desk with a flashlight and shining the light up through the glass desktop). I shoved the cord in the hole and turned my monitor into a one-use bugzapper. I'm still not too sure about the electrical current causing condensation of some sort or if it all cooked out of the bug. It doesn't look like a really 'juicy' bug, more like some skinny black fly, miniature wasp, or winged ant (totally wrong season for those, tho). I haven't pried it out yet for a closer look until I wake the Evil Overlord at 8am. I've got to show off this one. I guess the liquid could be a side effect of the massive amounts of corrosion caused by the process of frying a bug in the power jack. It was enough to where I'm pretty sure one of the prongs is broken (otherwise I'd have some hope of maybe just cleaning the thing off, tho I doubt I'd be that lucky)

I'm having trouble finding that particular replacement part, and replacing the whole board would be $30... and kind of wasteful IMO as all of the capacitors and everything else looks great. So I'll keep looking for now.

At least I now have room to work, and my finger's healed up from a problem involving a suddenly twisty sou can lid, so maybe I can also get back to the wall shelves.
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Ok, ways today was not good. Got 5 hours of sleep. Woke up to help with arriving Target delivery to find they's sent us our whole order... and one box of someone else's, with no paperwork in the box or any way to tell who it went to. Went to wake computer from sleep mode and... I only have one screen. The monitor died sometime while I was asleep, leaving behind a bit of a scorched smell. I've unplugged it for safety but haven't disassembled to have a look yet. Have a toothache, and am going to just call it a wash and go back to sleep now that I've done my civic duty. And no matter which way it goes short of an extreme miracle I'm going to wake up in a country that has a lying, elitist, piece of shit corporate whore for president. This is already practically the United States Of Monsanto. I just hope whichever scumbag ends up in office doesn't manage to make it official during their term and we can manage to break the two-party system enough to kick them out in four years. (Shame it can't be straight to jail...) And having said that I'm also probably now on some government watch list. Woohoo.

#^@^ today, I'm going back to bed.
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Pardon the language, but screw the lesser of two evils thing. Whoever wins for the next four years, everyone except big corporations lose. I really see little difference between the two except that Trump is more insulting and Clinton more insidious. It's more important than ever to vote for a third party candidate as if they can get 5% of the vote then they will have funding and have to be placed on the ballots next time, and that's our only hope of voting the scum out in four years. The next four years are already lost.

(More on my crappy Election Day so far after I get back from voting)
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The wifi works in my room now. The whole thing was still weird.

The bathroom is right next to and shares a wall with my room. It has an old porcelain-coated-steel bathtub. The bathtub itself was not the problem, but whoever designed the wiring layout for the place ran wire from the corner electrical socket in my bedroom behind the bathtub to provide power to just one of the wall plugs in the room on the other side of the bathroom. We never really used that plug and didn't much like having a wire there as it just seemed like a bad idea, but at the same time I was uneasy about letting the Evil Overlord near any of the wiring in my room (being that all my wiring still works and I'd like to keep it that way). Still, that seemed enough of a possible hazard even without the likelihood of rats managing to chew on the wire during a flare-up of vermin we had a few years back. So after cleaning up some things in my room and making certain possibly losing the outlet wouldn't mess up my computers I let her pull out the outlet to disconnect the wire leading behind the bathtub. We didn't pull the wire out, so I have no idea how badly damaged it is or if it being near/behind a metal tub that might have acted as an amplifier might have had any effect. My best guess is that it was somehow creating a jamming signal that caused the dead-zone. Now that it's disconnected from current the wifi works.

Downside is I have a headache. I don't know if this is just a thing due to 'coming down' from more than a decade of unrealized EMF exposure, or what.

On the tablet front, I still haven't reflashed the android tablet again... tho part of that is procrastinating because I want to find time to record video of this really weird/neat thing the screen currently does trying to boot up on the wrong software. It starts off black and then white pixels kind of creep in from the edges. Then, when it's all white the same thing starts to happen with black pixels. Sometimes it'll crash to shutdown first and sometimes it'll get all black and then crash. It's so much like a creepy movie special effect I really want to save a recording of it somehow in case I find it useful for graphics at some point.

The Windows tablet connects to wifi now, but is currently off and a good deal unusable due to a 'ghost touch' issue I need to take time to diagnose. It's always in teh same spot, so it could be a shorting issue, in which case I'll have to take that one apart too.

The 'new' Cobys arrived, but none of my current power cords fit them so I'll have to pick one up to start diagnosing the ones that were sold as powering on but with a damaged screen. For the smaller one with the undamaged screen I had a nice surprise. Tho it was sold as not turning on I briefly got a battery warning to display when I bumped the power button. I could also hear something loose inside. After popping it open (a difficult one due to some interesting curves) I found that the power jack has come unsoldered. It looks like all of a 5 minute fix once I get the hang of using a soldering iron again (I haven't used one in more than 20 years... I made a digital clock from parts of broken ones, and managed to give myself a nasty burn on my arm when I thought I'd unplugged the thing but unplugged a lamp instead).

I haven't popped the other two cobys open yet.

The laptop I got won't get past bios, giving a lock-light code that indicates it can't detect its installed ram. After trying the ram in different combinations on the motherboard I'm pretty sure the ram is good and part of the motherboard is fried. Still, I got a LOT of good parts and a really pretty silver and midnight blue case out of that deal, worth what I paid.

I also dug all my old desktops out of storage (three with cases and one in just parts, plus one old laptop that just quit turning on one day). At least one old desktop is going to become network-attached-storage/file server. The other two might end up for media or retro gaming. I'm not sure yet. They have a LOT of empty expansion slots and enough bays to make things interesting (especially if I remove floppy drives and redundant cd drives), tho the processing and ram will remain low. I'll have plenty to mess around with all winter.
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Lots of winterizing, coupled with not feeling well (a little better since I'm not opening drawers, see below), a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing problems since the watermelon and that wasn't helped by my usual corset wearing out (but was when I switched to a different one, yay for no more stabbing pains down my arm), etc... I got behind on a lot of online stuff and have just generally felt down lately.

I'm still using a separate keyboard for my left hand to procrastinate on taking the whole laptop apart over that darned I. My typing speed is actually only a bit slower than normal this way, but just enough to throw off my train of thought if I try to write or do RP, so in those cases it's type and then fill in the I's. If my laptop wasn't one of those that pretty much has to be completely disassembled to swap the keyboard... as is, doing s is going to be an all day thing when I do it, and I just have't had the energy lately.

Meanwhile, my life keeps trying to kill me. That chronic cough? Turns out my bedroom furniture I've had for a year has been slowly off-gassing formaldehyde into my windowless bedroom. I have nowhere else to move the drawers responsible to, tho I've emptied out most of them so I won't be opening them. I can't do anything about it for winter that I can tell. 'll have to wait for 90-degree weather and set the pieces one at a time in the back room for a week or two each with fans on and the back door open, and just hope that gets rid of it. I can't afford to replace the drawers - they were the best I could afford to start with.

I moved a piece of ivy and a spider plant to my room (both can remove formaldehyde from air), but the spider plant is just a baby with three leaves, and the ivy's only about a foot long for now, so they can't do much yet.

I tried asking on Quora about the weird wifi issue in my room:
By the end it was starting to feel like the beginning of a creepypasta. This problem literally violates the laws of physics as I understand them, persistent even through a homemade faraday cage. My bedroom is starting to look like the worst place for me to be sleeping, but there isn't anywhere else.

Right now, the only upsides are that the bathroom is painted; I've made some progress on catching up surveys, Khan Academy math lessons, and putting together an offline reference timeline for RP/writing stuff so I'll actually know what needs done there (still in progress). And since I may have to learn how to set up a LAN, I'm going over my computer parts and seeing if I can get a couple (much) older computers limping along to handle stuff that doesn't require a lot of processing power, like maybe offline media organization or my html reference pages.

Right now, I'm just going to do more surveys and catch some vids up.

not dead

Oct. 7th, 2016 03:31 pm
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The i key went back out and I'm just procrastinating on the whole having to take the computer completely apart to swap the keyboard thing. The reason I still have a chronic cough may be because my bedroom furniture has been offgassing formaldehyde for the last year and the ventilation/air flow in my bedroom is utter crap. Fall cleaning and all the winterizing stuff, plus TV shows back on, plus not feeling well... eh, I feel like I'm behind on WAY too much stuff. (Tho I have at least made a good dent in the offline reference timeline.)


Sep. 28th, 2016 01:00 am
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So, the new keyboard arrived... the same day as Aunt Flo. Not wanting to mess with taking my laptop completely apart (it's one of the very rare ones where laptop replacement doesn't involve a few screws and popping a bevel off, go fig) during that time of month, I left it in its box and plugged up the little USB tablet keyboard to use it to fill in missing i's. Then, last night the key in question spits out a few random i's and starts working again. I expected it to be a weird fluke, but today it's working fine. So, I made sure it was packed well, closed the box up and labeled it, and now the new keyboard is in my closet just in case.

I'm also looking around for just the right box (and will have to get an extra roll of heavy duty aluminum foil) so I can make a simple faraday cage for some electronic tests regarding the freaking weird wifi connection issues in my room.
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I found the mini keyboard I bought for the tablet, but to be honest I think subbing y's was easier. In better news, the bathroom is painted. I'm going to attempt to catch up on a few other things, tho I may just have to type on the big keyboard and then use this to fill in i's. Too many typos on this tiny thing.
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A new keyboard (as yn the replacement part for the laptop) has been ordered, but yt wyll take about a week to arryve. Untyl then, Y'll be stuck wyth thys anachronystyc reversyon of my spellyng, as Y fynd yt easyer to read and faster to type than the pseudoleet. For those few thyngs that may be more unforgyvyng of such spellyng (such as Google searches), Y'll resort to cuttyng and pastyng the myssyng letter.

Y'll have some long message replyes put on hold untyl then, as Y wouldn't want to make anyone try to read pages of thys.
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Ok, one of the keys on my keyboard does not work now, so pardon chance of pseudoleet and odd grammar as don't want to c+p the 'eye' letter repeatedly. Hopefully can be f!xed, as can't replace keyboard that's part of laptop. Can't locate the small usb keyboard. Have been clean!ng and the bath s!nk NOW F!XED, so soon as weather ok need to apply color to walls. No use of 'eye' not good for RP, must catch up after f!x or maybe locate usb keyboard.

Also had cough ever s!nce heatstroke. Much as HATE ANYTH!NG !n common w/certa!n POS, may have m!ld pneumon!a. Home treatment attempts ongo!ng.

Avo!d!ng 'eye' too frustrat!ng. Stopp!ng now, but w!ll have to shut off PC to attempt f!x.
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And I've managed to be not well again. Me and one of the cats are both running high fevers, so it'd have to be something communicable. Given various incubation periods, possibly caught the same day I had my little brush with heatstroke. I was absolutely useless yesterday as it also set off a bad reaction from one of my teeth. Today most of the pain and swelling are gone but I've got an annoying headache and not much up for anything that requires thinking.

Which, of course, means life tosses me a hell of a puzzle and my head hurts too much to make any sense of it. I finally scraped up enough to buy /another/ tablet to replace the one that would never connect. It arrived today... and it wouldn't connect either. (and I specifically bought a windows tablet this time, thinking the problem was a big error in Android KitKat) That just couldn't be right, so I tried to connect the new tablet in the living room since the Evil Overlord never has any wifi problems. (My laptop also refuses to use WiFi and has a corded connection directly to the router, looking into the problem with that always indicated it was some kind of windows registry bug and since I could still get online I didn't think about it much.)

Ok, here's what makes absolutely no sense. BOTH tablets can connect to the internet in the living room or kitchen, or about a third of the way down the hall. They register 3 bars in those locations. They register 5 bars in my room but will NOT connect and if connected will lose signal. The router is IN MY ROOM. Everything I see on WiFi dead zones involves improving coverage for areas that are too far away from the router. The living room and kitchen are the rooms farthest from the router. And, no, we're not accidentally jacking into another WiFi signal, it's confirmed as ours. I've also ruled out my desk being to blame (it has a metal frame) as there's also no signal in the bathroom to 2/3 of the way down the hall. I can find nothing on how there could be a connection issue right next to the router box and a decent signal 20 ft away. The Evil Overlord is wanting to blame it on the wiring which could mean her putting more holes in the ceiling unless I solve the problem.

All of this is NOT helping my headache.

PS: I just tried mounting the router box on the wall. This ALMOST seems to work for a little bit, but now no signal again. So it might all be in placement, tho I still don't understand why I can't get a connection even when I lay a tablet right on top of the damned thing.
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Particularly my left thumb. This is seriously slowing me down.

To explain, had chili today. Evil Overlord had me dice up two bell peppers from our garden for mine and a 'banana' pepper from the veggie stand for hers. Held pepper in left hand. Did not wear gloves because pepper not supposed to be hot and had never cut hot pepper so did not know it could do this. Have tried every online home remedy (and, yes, washed hands MULTIPLE TIMES). Tips of 2 fingers, bit of palm, affected less than thumb, they're bearable. Thumb feels like I'm holding it in a fire. In much pain. Hoping it goes away soon.
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I overdid it, and I have no regrets about that.

Read more... )
We have watermelon. STILL worth it!
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Whee, it's been 5 weeks since my last post.

Since then, paint and things arrived. I have painted half the bathroom. The trick of mixing my own colors with tempra paint works great! The painted parts of the bathroom so far are a shade of 1 cup white paint to 3 level tablespoons tempra that I can easily recreate with plastic measuring cups and mix in 1-cup batches in a canning jar. Bathroom painting is now on hold because of dealing with one of the floor bad spots, which means there's now a hole instead of a moldy spongy place. I swear, I left this place to the Evil Overlord's attentions and it looks like it's been abandoned or tenanted by squatters for the last decade and a half. Turns out can't fix the sink drain until we can fix the toilet's little 'have to be flushed with a bucket' issue as they share the same drain, so that's off to next year. But next year definitely trying to get the bathroom window back (people my grandfather rented to paneled over the window), fixing the floor, and the toilet and sink are in the list. I'm saving up for a nice electric sander for xmas, and plan on getting a porcelain refinishing kit and using the same tempra trick to possibly redo both sink and toilet in yellow to match the bathroom trim while we have them nice and dry. But that'll be next year. This year I hope to also paint at least some of the ceiling and fix holes, but I still have to avoid the side of the bathroom with the sink on it. Dividing the work by working around structural issues and trying to fix one big thing a year means it'll take an estimated three years to completely remodel the bathroom. (We don't have money to throw at things, just time). But during that there will also be planning for and prepping areas in the rest of this dump, so...

I've also managed about three feet of the hall, but that's slow going because it's that ancient plasticated fake wood paneling and you have to sand the heck out of it first to get the paint to stick. Between that and the hot weather... 3 ft down the hall is all the further I've got. On the upside, my artistic method there is working out well... I'm INTENTIONALLY being sloppy/lazy/bad with the paint... brushing it on fast, with lots of visible brush strokes and spread as far as it will go, and painting over areas that aren't completely dry to leave stretched spots. The end result actually looks better than it sounds, working with the 'boards' pattern of the paneling to look like an old whitewashed fence and give the whole thing depth instead of being solid white. We've also located a cheap vinyl tile on WalMart that will make a good 'garden path' so I won't have to handpaint grass and bricks on the floor.

Also, I am taking a day off. If anything above looks weird or off... ok, yesterday I moved some things in my room so my stereo would be in a different spot (where it turns out I can't plug it in yet because the cord is a few feet too short and I can't find a spare surge protector, and I haven't use that outlet in about 10 years because it was under the bed and behind things and I want to test it first and my tester has gone missing. And I know I'm rambling, but to the point... I banged my head on the bedframe while I was messing around under there and tried to stand up while misjudging clearance. Badly. And it's a metal bedframe. So basically I got a bad smack to the back of the head with metal pipe. I had enough of them in middle school to be able to self-diagnose a mild concussion. I'm all wobbly and keep making typos and my brain is really not happy today and I generally feel fuzzy and dumb. (But, don't worry, my pupils are the same size. I doubt there will be permanent damage, I'm just a little puffy upstairs). I should recover soon, but I think I'll be taking a day or two and trying to stay cool (it helps minimize swelling too) and basically not doing anything that requires a lot of thought.

Which may make this the perfect time to dust off and replay Final Fantasy 1 like I've been meaning to.
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It seems like, the last month or so, I can't even FIND the ball, much less stay on it. Currently I'm behind on both surveys and RP replies (and writing of any kind). And my language lessons have fallen by the wayside for a while. On the upside I've been getting a lot of files moved around to where they really needed to be and cleaning up a lot of clutter. Wall painting is still on hold for new paint, tho the decals have arrived. Ceiling paint got postponed due to Aunt Flo and currently a followup of a horrible toothache that I hope goes away soon. Well, and working out the logistics of how to reach certain parts of the ceiling (example being above bathroom sink, as I can't put a stepstool there because the sink/counter is there... and the floor is weak under it so the option of climbing on the counter is off the table). Anyhow, back to seeing what gets done where today... (yes, it's about 9:30 PM here and I DID just get up)
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I've been really really busy.

Spring cleaning managed to turn itself into spring renovations. I got a blister on one hand sandpapering plasterwork, but it's finally healed up enough to not get too much in the way. I planned to paint the bathroom but the old paint I had is ruined and it'll be another month before we can get some new. On top of that I lucked out on an SD card sale and got five new 32GB ones, so I'm moving around a lot of files and doing some spring cleaning there too. Even with two screens I now have 9 separate windows viewable at once, and just now got to where one of them could be a DW window. (And I might lose that semi-soonish, as I need to clean up a huge stack of old CD-Rs and put the files on SD cards)

On the upside, I can mix powdered tempra with gypsum plaster to repaint the ceiling or with white wall paint (I actually put an exterior paint on the shopping list for added durability) to make any colors I need, so we'll only have to buy white (and if I measure carefully I should be able to match colors each time). And I have a lot of powdered tempra paint from cleaning out an old defunct daycare once. I can hardly wait to get the paint because, even tho slapping paint on something is a minor thing compared to fixing the weak spot in the hall floor (or the two weak spots in my bedroom floor, or the two in the bathroom, or... you get the idea) or fixing the sink and so on, painting things is something that makes a large visual difference and that improves mood and motivation as far as the rest of the work. I should probably take some pictures as I go.
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Well, having an extra screen does keep me busy. I'm still moving things around, getting used to what works better where. For example, I get a cramp in my neck and make more typos if I put anything that involves typing on the second screen, but it seems to show colors/graphics better than the laptop one. I'm also getting the hang of what to divide between Waterfox and Chrome now that I'm using both at the same time. Chrome has to be used for journals because LJLogin finally broke and it has the LJJuggler replacement. It's also a LOT faster for my surveys. Research, videos, and fanfic to read are still over on the other screen and on Waterfox. Also, if there's anything that involves saving a file it's staying on Waterfox as, for reasons I cannot comprehend, Chrome wants to mangle page and file names.

I've slowed down on timeline work, tho I did make another round in the tree database. I finally have enough screen space to start processing a LOT of saved files and 'notes', but the next step is probably going to involve Unity coding as I've gotten to a point where I'll need to be able to test-play sections and make sure it's possible to walk around where I think it is.

I've also got a 10% off coupon from Spoonflower, so another swatchbook is pending! I'll probably place the order today or tomorrow. I really need to start sewing things with the other swatches as examples, and possibly do up some kind of sticky post for the Playscale Theater blog to show the fabrics off in a way a little easier to search (and with better previews) than Spoonflower... their preview system just doesn't handle mini prints well.

I'm also behind on my videos, and need to get a shower. Busy, busy... XD


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