Apr. 24th, 2016

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I still haven't had the time yet to jump through all the hoops I'd have to (including downloading some other software I've never heard of) to compile that one graphics program... but since I'm still tracking down where all the textures have scattered to and trying to get them organized in preparation that's not too big a problem. I also need to figure out a few things regarding scale with textures, as I'm using 1 unity unit for each 'piece' of the modular building bits, which is the equivalent of one meter... and many of the textures are showing up with details way too tiny on that (miniature bricks instead of standard size, for example). I might end up having to chop some of them up, or completely redo them. I don't want to make the modular pieces bigger... while that would seem at first glance to be the easiest fix, it would make them harder to neatly place. With them at 1uu, I don't even have to use Unity's erratic snap-to... I can just place them neatly by typing in the coordinates.

I've only got one page left in the old incomplete timeline on Google Pages. Then I'll still have to go through the GJ backup ones, and a few other attempts scattered through my backup logs. Not to mention any outlines and the like that are stuck in writing notes. I know I have several related to Spider and Dynamo's misadventures in a Star Wars timeline in all that... which they do need to get back to, as soon as I have a clearer look at where that all fits in.

I'm way behind on TV shows because currently it seems that whenever I'm awake the Evil Overlord is watching videos and I don't feel like sitting through stuff that chunks up because of bandwidth hogging.

Flea season continues to be bad. The damn things love me. It's not mutual. As always, they seem to congregate in the bathroom for some reason. I'll only rarely get one on me in my room, but every time I have to use the toilet I pick at least 2 or 3 off my legs. The record in one trip was 20 fleas... thankfully, I convinced the Evil Overlord to remove any rugs in the bathroom which seems to have slowed them down.

And not sure what else to say. Back to work... maybe I can actually get the Google Pages versions cleared tonight. :)


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