May. 8th, 2016

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Now I remember why I quit making entries in this for so long before my recent attempts to do so on a semi-regular basis. Either nothing new is happening to write about, or too much happens and I don't have time to write... and then can't keep it all straight in my head to write about when there is time. (I have a crap memory sometimes, about a lot of things.)

Got the cat buried. Had bank/Sheetz trip, and the usual online orders. The election primary's in two more days, and my birthday's in another week. Lots of gardening stuff including arranging for delivery of 10 40-lb bags of compost. Ants are after my grafted pear tree, which might actually have pears this year if I can kill the invading little buggers off before they try to turn it into an aphid farm (they do this with the cherries EVERY YEAR).

I'm sure there's more... let's see... Two notices of food recalls, both for listeria, one for some corn from Schwan's that thankfully the numbers they were looking for didn't match the bag I'd already eaten most of, and the other for some sunflower seeds that I'd already eaten two tablespoons of. So far, not sick.. but a virus with a 70-day incubation window is a long wait to know for sure.

The monitor the Evil Overlord took from me ages ago for her security system somehow got burnt out by the last power outage. She saved up about $80 to replace it (because when she's out something it gets priority, never mind that it's been years of me working on one screen because she'd put off replacing the one she took from me). A bit of luck for once because that wrinkle worked out when she found some refurbished ones for sale for $40. So, now I finally have a second screen again. That should let me get more done, as soon as I re-adapt to it and sort out which things are going where as far as screen space.

The bit of broken tooth fell out the day after my last post (also got the cat buried that day), but the area's stayed sore since and I think is abscessed. That'll probably take a while to resolve.

Managed to convince the Evil Overlord to get some plain bran flakes in the grocery shopping this time, so now I have cereal to use milk on and occasionally add a date, raisins, or some banana to.

If there's anything else at the moment, I can't recall. Back to moving files, doing surveys, and reading fanfic all at the same time. (Hooray for screen space!)


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