Nov. 16th, 2016

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So, I've spent a bit of time lately rearranging my desktop (and turning one of my monitors int a single-use bugzapper by accident) to try to get a nice layout for when I managed to get as much aS I can up and running and sharing out the digital workload for better efficiency. Or at least the ability to watch videos or play games while doing surveys and keeping up with RP, while making room to learn Unity programming and do fabric graphics for Spoonflower and maybe room for... well, you get the picture. I need a setup that works with my chronic scatterminded multitasking. And it doesn't work for me to do one task at a time and close the other down to get back to it, because what will happen is that I'll forget just where I am on the other task and by the time I remember it and get back to it I might have to start all over. This memory issue sucks in so many ways, and I'm sick of redoing the same things. Two screens let me keep reminder windows and txt-file notes where I can see them, which has been an extreme help. Expansion may mean more progress in my case, especially if I can delegate easier and/or offline tasks to other computers to spread out the processor load.

Anyhow, I got sidetracked on why I'm doing this when I meant to do a rundown of what I have so far just in case I forget what needs to be done with something. A lot of this I've mentioned in bits before so I'm putting it behind a cut. It's mostly so I'll have a workload reference if my brain gets fuzzy and so I won't have to keep looking up models of things or what ram each laptop uses (I have all three types of DDR in play here!). Here we go with my pile of salvage, both working and non:

Long computer ramble and inventory under cut )

Yes, I can be a horrid packrat, but on the upside... I have lots of stuff! (If I can get it to work.)


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