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Whee, it's been 5 weeks since my last post.

Since then, paint and things arrived. I have painted half the bathroom. The trick of mixing my own colors with tempra paint works great! The painted parts of the bathroom so far are a shade of 1 cup white paint to 3 level tablespoons tempra that I can easily recreate with plastic measuring cups and mix in 1-cup batches in a canning jar. Bathroom painting is now on hold because of dealing with one of the floor bad spots, which means there's now a hole instead of a moldy spongy place. I swear, I left this place to the Evil Overlord's attentions and it looks like it's been abandoned or tenanted by squatters for the last decade and a half. Turns out can't fix the sink drain until we can fix the toilet's little 'have to be flushed with a bucket' issue as they share the same drain, so that's off to next year. But next year definitely trying to get the bathroom window back (people my grandfather rented to paneled over the window), fixing the floor, and the toilet and sink are in the list. I'm saving up for a nice electric sander for xmas, and plan on getting a porcelain refinishing kit and using the same tempra trick to possibly redo both sink and toilet in yellow to match the bathroom trim while we have them nice and dry. But that'll be next year. This year I hope to also paint at least some of the ceiling and fix holes, but I still have to avoid the side of the bathroom with the sink on it. Dividing the work by working around structural issues and trying to fix one big thing a year means it'll take an estimated three years to completely remodel the bathroom. (We don't have money to throw at things, just time). But during that there will also be planning for and prepping areas in the rest of this dump, so...

I've also managed about three feet of the hall, but that's slow going because it's that ancient plasticated fake wood paneling and you have to sand the heck out of it first to get the paint to stick. Between that and the hot weather... 3 ft down the hall is all the further I've got. On the upside, my artistic method there is working out well... I'm INTENTIONALLY being sloppy/lazy/bad with the paint... brushing it on fast, with lots of visible brush strokes and spread as far as it will go, and painting over areas that aren't completely dry to leave stretched spots. The end result actually looks better than it sounds, working with the 'boards' pattern of the paneling to look like an old whitewashed fence and give the whole thing depth instead of being solid white. We've also located a cheap vinyl tile on WalMart that will make a good 'garden path' so I won't have to handpaint grass and bricks on the floor.

Also, I am taking a day off. If anything above looks weird or off... ok, yesterday I moved some things in my room so my stereo would be in a different spot (where it turns out I can't plug it in yet because the cord is a few feet too short and I can't find a spare surge protector, and I haven't use that outlet in about 10 years because it was under the bed and behind things and I want to test it first and my tester has gone missing. And I know I'm rambling, but to the point... I banged my head on the bedframe while I was messing around under there and tried to stand up while misjudging clearance. Badly. And it's a metal bedframe. So basically I got a bad smack to the back of the head with metal pipe. I had enough of them in middle school to be able to self-diagnose a mild concussion. I'm all wobbly and keep making typos and my brain is really not happy today and I generally feel fuzzy and dumb. (But, don't worry, my pupils are the same size. I doubt there will be permanent damage, I'm just a little puffy upstairs). I should recover soon, but I think I'll be taking a day or two and trying to stay cool (it helps minimize swelling too) and basically not doing anything that requires a lot of thought.

Which may make this the perfect time to dust off and replay Final Fantasy 1 like I've been meaning to.

Date: 2016-07-29 03:07 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] crossover_chick
Yeowch! I mean, glad to hear you've been getting shit done, even with the heat, but still. . .owies. D: Yeah, take it easy for a while and do video gamey things. I hope you do feel better after a couple of days!

Date: 2016-08-06 04:05 am (UTC)
crossover_chick: gif with Doc and Marty trying to get out of being written into twisted AUs (Default)
From: [personal profile] crossover_chick
*pats* Well that figures. . . I guess Flo's still better than a concussion though.


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