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Busy, busy... but in rather surprising news I finally have a sleep schedule that works. This is after decades of failure at sticking to any kind of normal schedule. If I try to sleep 8 hours a night at the same time every night, I will have insomnia, sleep through alarms no matter how loud, and eventually either have severe sleep deficit/deprivation build up or have to give in and let my schedule become erratic and 'slide' around the clock in a way very similar to Non-24 Sleep Disorder (which normally only affects blind people and, to an extent, workers on the space station, and is tied to not having proper triggers for circadian rhythms or something.)

Anyhow, due to a wikiwalk starting off on etymology behind nightmares, going through a smartphone app I can't use for monitoring sleep patterns, and leading from there onto a scientific report on sleep patterns, I finally have something that works.

And it is something mind-bogglingly weird.

Anyhow, the report mentioned that sleep cycles (the patterns of lighter sleep with REM in the middle) are an average of 90-minutes in length. And suggested that feelings of drowsiness when you've gotten adequate sleep are a result of interrupting these cycles during the deep-sleep part. That was what the smartphone app was supposed to be a workaround for. It tried to determine stages of sleep by motions and sound (with the phone placed near the pillow) and adjust your wakeup alarm by a few minutes to try to wake you in the closest possible 'light sleep' stage.

Well, I took that, the inherent problems with all the times it would be useful to be up for various reasons, and info from when I once tried (and failed) to sleep in two shifts, and tried an experiment. And it worked. Eerily well, as in I've been at this since the start of the month, I am not experiencing any signs of sleep deprivation, I feel a lot more awake when I'm awake, I'm getting more done, and there have been several times I've actually woken up just before the alarm was due to go off.

My schedule is thus:
I go to sleep at midnight, and get up at 3 am.
Then I go back to sleep five hours later at 8am, and get up at 11am.
Back to sleep after five hours at 4pm, and up at 7pm.
Five hours later and it's midnight. Repeat.

The three three-hour naps mean I have 9 hours total sleep, slightly more than the 8-hour-minimum often suggested (and, interestingly, 8 hours is not divisible by 90-minutes). I presumably get two full cycles in when I sleep well, which I often do, and on occasion I don't then I only have to stay up 5 hours before it's time to sleep again. (And, yes, I have been sleeping deeply enough to dream.)

So... as I said, extremely weird.

In other news, the 15th was my birthday. And the power went out for part of the evening. I also learned as a result that my battery backup system for my computer has finally died, as it shut down as a result. The 16th had the Evil Overlord insisting on doing the monthly Target order on her own and... let's just say stress, yelling, and billing problems that thankfully were worked out and I don't want to think of again. So I ended up not finding time to post this until now. (5 hour 'mini-days' make for some fast scheduling at times XD) I considered it a success when I'd stayed on it for two full weeks - including through a cycle of Aunt Flo (which only knocked me off for one day and I was able to get right back on the sleeping pattern).

It's weird having a schedule after all this time. Even a weird one.


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