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Ok, back to this with the A.I. fics.

Newcomers In The Nursery - This one is done up like a news article, and before re-reading I'd gotten it mentally confused with the Small Wonder talkshow script (mentioned last entry). The detail that stuck from here is a mention of police using kiddie-bots in sting operations to catch pedophiles, as well as other things mentioned in that section of the story, mostly because it shows how easy it would be to warp morality when you have the excuse that 'they're not people'. Also, be sure to read the letters to the editor with it. The last one... the thought of a kid saving their allowance to buy themselves a little brother or sister cracks me up.

A Matter Of Compatability - This one didn't have as much of an effect as others, I just like it. XD

SuperToys Last All Winter Too
- another one that didn't really have an effect, but I kind of like anyway for pointing out something very disturbing about the movie's crappy ending.

Elizabeth - kiddie 'bots as alternatives to having children, and what happens when fad-following owners get bored of playing at being parents. Short and not the best written story (it reads more like an outline or summary for one, with little dialogue and only three short chapters), but it does get to the point

A New Conundrum - and a fic that mentions parents on the other end of the scale, and criticizes them :/

Toys Out Of The Nursery - a backstory for the nanny-bot that gets killed at the Flesh Fair in the film. Good reading, this one really shows why someone might hit a 'bot while at the same time insisting they're just a machine, as opposed to not caring what they do because they're a thing and writing anything annoying off as a glitch. Both of which I think are possible bigoted behavior.

And one of the bigger ones, the Zenon Eyes series.

The first three parts read like some fangirl romance stuff and aren't so great, luckily they're also very short one-chapter things. It's the fourth (and longest - being novel length) that is the most interesting as it focuses on a lot of 'bot rights issues. I'd actually stumbled onto it first, years ago, which was a good thing - if I'd read the other three first I might have skipped it. 

Some bits of the fourth fic (my one real complaint is that some issues seem resolved too easily in it) had a big effect on WW... one can only hope it'll end as well, tho. I think, though in some cases WilyWars is worse (the Robot Rights issues seem to be much slower going, and it would require much more at this point than a few pulled strings to get a 'bot legal citizens ID or permission to attend school), and in some cases better (well, there haven't been reports of flesh fairs yet, tho there are vandals with baseball bats - but maybe that's because a post WW3 Earth simply won't waste the resources when 'bots can be scrapped and recycled?). But this fic still brought up a few interesting points.

Zenon Eyes 1: I Only Have Eyes For You

Zenon Eyes 2: I'll Be Seeing You

Zenon Eyes 3: I'm Beginning To See The Light

Zenon Eyes 4: The Eyes Of Truth

And for something cute and AU to take the edge off all that serious stuff (though it didn't really have an effect on WilyWars continuity):

Teddy's Big Adventure


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