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Was about to go to sleep. Topped off the water in the snake tank and noticed Checkers was agitated, no sign of Chubby, and a bad smell.

Found Chubby under a corner of the paper towels. Dead.

I don't know why. They were fine when I fed them yesterday. They spend a lot of time curled by the water bowl cause of the weather.

Could have been old, but I still wish I knew.
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Ok, no stars. Just garters. One seems to be a common Eastern, the other a Checkered. They don't look all that different except for the checks.

Karen's annoying overweight calico brought them into the trailer a few days ago and I promptly confiscated them, leaving a trail of reptile blood down the hall from the second one, who thankfully stopped bleeding after a couple minutes.

Then I ended up taking sick for a couple days. >.< Not sure if it was aggrivated by pollen on the leaves Karen brought for substrate, or the bucket of swamp water she brought in.

"But it's the water they're used to!"

No means or opportunity, plenty of motive... >.> <.<

Anyhow, they're in an aquarium now, with clean water, and I need to change the substrate soon. I'm hesitating, though, as they seem to have finally chosen a nesting spot and made themselves comfy and I hate to stress them again. At least not till I'm sure they've eaten something.

There were probably bugs in the leaves and moss, and we put a few earthworms in, but I haven't seen them eat yet, and they turned their lil snouts up at the nightcrawlers I tried to give them.

Granted, those were some big worms, almost as large as the garters, tho not as long.

I'm not sure how long it should be before I start getting really worried about their lack of appetite. I know snakes binge-eat, and can also go off food when stressed.


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