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Ok. Today was the Long Walk to the grocery store. At least we found out taxi service will take me back once I'm out there.

Ok. So. I walk out there, find Rite Aid's having a sale on TP and paper towels, so did well there, got Karen's damn tobbacco (at least she's said she'll quit smoking before cutting off the phone, and I intend to hold her to that), went to the grocery store.

EBT Card scanner out of order.

Why does this matter? Well, we still have the last of this month's stamps left, which was what I was supposed to use to stock up on groceries as much as possible. At the end of the month, anything left on the card is gone when they yoink the account. So MUST use the remaining amount on the card.

So. I end up walking home with a bag containing TP, paper towels and a newspaper. I'll have to go back out again by the end of the month to try to get groceries. I didn't call the taxi - it'll be $15 when I do and no point in wasting it when I don't have the food.

I detour slightly to the Exxon and get a bag of popcorn, on the grounds that it's a crappy day and I darn well deserve something.

And here come storm clouds! Whee! And me with no umbrella.

I was relieved that I actually made it home before the rain hit. The way the day was going I fully expected to stumble in the door, dernched to the bone, after 4-5 hours of walking and with nothing to show for it but a bag of soggy and unusuable paper products.

Ok, focus on the good things?
- I haven't had a charlie horse yet.
- Some people pay money to go to gyms and walk on treadmills to try to get the kind of workout I'm getting for free. And I actually get a change of scenery while I do it, instead of watching TV in a gym.
- Popcorn!
- TP and Paper Towels were on sale
- I managed to not be rained on.

Yay. I managed to think of five things.

Tommorow's weather? High of 46 and chance of rain.

They'd better fix their scanner.


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