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Hey, look, it's an actual RL update. Mostly because I'm just too tired lately to get my brain to focus on RP threads.

To most of the people that know me, sorry I've been hard to catch on IM lately. Springtime, running around like headless chicken, tired when actually at keyboard, you get the idea.

Mostly, things are just the same here. One week until I turn 30 and I am still here. I think some of my general brain-blurriness is stress/depression. I did some math and figured out if I put a lot of work into it I might be out of here around next autumn. If I'm lucky.

I'm going to try to go down Saturday to see if the yardsales have started, but the last time I went to the bank I saw a new sign posted near the school saying 'private property: no selling'. Given the position, it could have been for the lot next door... but it's nagging at me that it would be just my luck if they decided to put a stop to people yardsaling in the school parking lot this year, after I've spent all winter and am still gathering and pricing as much as I can. And there's nowhere else in my walking distance, particularly not with a load to carry.

I've gotten entirely too much sun over the last few days lately, mulching the strawberries (and meeting Mr. Hissy, the huge snake that lives in the strawberry patch that Karen thought it was funny not to warn me about), digging more beds, and everything else.

On the upside, I finally have some of the materials to get started on the car repairs, but the way the year's gone so far I have a bad feeling she'll find some work she wants me to do every single day the weather is agreeable, so that I don't have time for the car or the yardsale. I'm trying to find a way to work around that. (I'm not Disney's Cinderella, so I don't have a bunch of hyperintelligent mice to do the rest of the work for me while I go scrub a floor. Or, more likely in this case, haul around buckets of dirt or dig another garden bed. ;) )

One bit of good news moneywise is that Town and Country is interested in any extra pumpkins and gourds and things from the garden for autumn decoration. So that will possibly help if all the plants don't die or something. The yardsale thing still has me worried, though, and I have no idea how to check on it until Saturday.

I'm tempted to take and post some pictures of the garden soon. Don't blame the planning on me. She's insisted on traditional beds despite all the info I had on Square Foot and other methods more productive for small home gardens. I've also had no luck explaining to her that double-digging twice a year disrupts the lifecycle of soil nematodes and is harmful to soil quality, or that it might help to look into a nitrogen-fixing green manure cover crop for winter. But, what the hey, I hope I won't be here long enough for it to matter to me if she makes this clay garbage even worse.

And sounds like she's awake now...


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